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LAST UPDATED: February 24th, 2021

According to Dental Intelligence’s website, its software is number one in the world for tracking, analyzing, managing, and growing your dental practice. Dental Intelligence connects to your existing practice management software and instantly starts tracking and analyzing everything from schedules to production to collection. 

This ability to integrate with your existing platform and perform additional functions sets Dental Intelligence apart from other dental management software companies. Dental Intelligence is all about tracking and analytics, and is compatible with practice management softwares such as Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft.

Dental Intelligence creates a dashboard that gives a real-time glimpse into how your practice is performing, and also generates more detailed analytics to help you determine areas for improvement or opportunity. The company has worked with more than 8,000 dental practices in the past decade and has spent thousands of hours perfecting its software.

If you want to gain a better idea of where your practice could save money or where your resources are going, read on to learn more about how Dental Intelligence could help.

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The Good

  • Product Features
  • Mobile App
  • Cost Saving

Product Features

The most distinguishing part of Dental Intelligence as a software is its unique features, specifically designed to help improve dental practices. These features are detailed below.

Morning Huddle

This feature is fully automated and is meant to give you a snapshot of your practice so you can review the previous day, current day, and upcoming days/week. When you arrive at your practice for the day, you simply press “start” on the Dental Intelligence software and you are presented with present opportunities, clear and measurable goals, and a precise plan for the day for each team member. You can also track your team performance and progress and celebrate victories that the platform identifies.

Follow Ups

This feature makes your job easier by telling you which patient(s) to call and why. It identifies patients who might otherwise have fallen through the cracks and tells you if they have unscheduled treatments or past due accounts. Follow Ups is completely automated and helps you maintain a full schedule — if you don’t currently have a full schedule, you’ll likely see an immediate boost in production when you start using Follow Ups.

Call Intel

Dental Intelligence can connect to your phone and patient information systems and provide a smart caller ID, so before you even pick up the phone, you know who’s calling, what treatment they need, any past-due balances they may have, their unscheduled family members, and more. This helps you increase production and collections, and better fill your schedule.

Smart Schedule

This feature enables you to see your schedule for the day both on a desktop and your smartphone. It also identifies gaps in the schedule and gives you suggestions to fill them, based on patients’ records and their unscheduled treatments. From the schedule, you have easy access to daily production analytics and performance metrics.

Provider Pulse

Dental Intelligence believes that what gets measured gets improved. This feature automatically tracks each provider to identify high and low performers based on the original goals that were set. The software also accounts for trends in the market. Some metrics that are tracked include production per visit, collections, hygiene re-appointments, and much more. The company believes this feature helps your team(s) to grow together and learn from each other.

Mobile App

Dental Intelligence is optimized for mobile and has its own app so you have access to all your analytics and metrics wherever you are. Even if you are out of the office, you can use real-time data to make any urgent or important decisions. Plus, you won’t have to run to a computer every time you need to record or update something.

Cost Saving

Because Dental Intelligence identifies gaps in production and helps you turn those into opportunities, the software has saved thousands of practices money and time. Many dentists report adding thousands of dollars in production after implementing Dental Intelligence in their practice.


The Bad

  • Not a Dental Practice Management Software
  • Overwhelming at First

Not a Dental Practice Management Software

Dental Intelligence is great for tracking and analytics, but it does not replace your practice management software or have the same functions as one. Thus, it would be an additional software that you pay to add on to your practice, which might end up costing you more money at first.

Overwhelming at First

One customer reported that since Dental Intelligence has so much functionality, it can be overwhelming at first and takes time and effort to learn and adjust to the software. However, Dental Intelligence does offer a demo on its website, and has generous customer support hours for any questions you may have when implementing the software in your practice.


The Bottom Line

Dental Intelligence is unique in that it focuses on tracking your practice’s data and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement. It does not replace whatever existing practice management software you have, but adds to it with a number of helpful features.
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