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Valore Books was founded back in 2005. With a decade of experience in this industry, the company is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and takes a slightly different approach from many of the competing online bookstores.

This company’s website is a hub where you can rent, buy, and sell books (including textbooks). Essentially, though, the company is the middle man between thousands of book sellers and their customers. Rather than shipping books to customers themselves, Valore Books relies on its network of sellers to provide the books. Customers can search through the company’s website to find several different options for the book they’re searching for.

With a claim to millions of products and over 50 different book categories, Valore Books has much to offer. Through them, you can find books in a variety of formats—print, ebooks, and audiobooks in particular. Depending on customer preference, the way Valore Books does business might be a good fit for many different book lovers. 

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The Good

  • Customer reviews
  • Good return policy
  • Buy back books

In terms of strengths, Valore Books has set itself apart by partnering with so many providers for books, rather than selling books by themselves. On the whole, this approach benefits all parties involved, as it gives buyers a variety of pricing options, it gives business to many book sellers, and it relieves Valore Books itself of having to provide all the books customers are looking for.

But that's not the only thing Valore Books has done right. The following features serve as strengths and make customers' experiences more convenient and positive:

  • They have customer reviews. As you're searching for books through Valore's website, you'll notice reviews that other customers have written, rating their experiences with books you're considering purchasing. These reviews can be very helpful in letting you know how reliable a seller can be, what condition the book is in, and whether it's worth purchasing at all. For many reasons, customer reviews many online shopping more comfortable and informed.
  • They have a good return policy. When you order a book through Valore Books, you'll have 30 days to return it if you need to. Hopefully you don't experience any problems with your orders through them, but it's nice to know that they have a flexible return policy just in case. A long enough return window like this also gives customers more confidence in making a purchase, as they know that they can always change their minds if something goes wrong.
  • They buy books too. Not only can you rent and purchase books through this company. You can also save a little money and sell back textbooks and other items you don't need to use anymore. These other items include phones, tablets, CDs, DVDs, and video games. In this way, Valore Books is a great resource for getting back a small return on the money you spent on these materials, especially as a student. Furthermore, you can complete this entire selling process online, which makes things easier for you.Customers who order through Valore Books have several reasons to feel comfortable making a purchase with them. Even though the books you order through this company come from individual sellers, they have done well to provide a decent return policy, customer reviews, and an extensive selection of sellers to make your experience easier.

The Bad

  • Buy from sellers
  • No customer loyalty program

As you might guess, the unique approach that Valore Books has adopted can serve as both a strength and a weakness. This company does have 10 years of experience in the industry and many resources for customers, but the following qualities hold them back from some success:

  • Their books come from individual sellers. Possibly the biggest red flag for customers is the fact that Valore Books doesn't actually provide the books you buy through them. The company is really just a place where you can connect with individual sellers to purchase books for cheap. While this does offer the potential for great prices and flexible orders, it also leads to the risk of not getting orders fulfilled or working with unreliable sellers. Basically, this approach leaves customers at risk for less-than-satisfactory customer service and frustrating experiences.
  • They do not offer a customer loyalty program. Another, less crucial aspect of this company is the fact that they lack a loyalty program to reward customers who repeatedly give them business. Rather than thanking their customers by giving them discounts, freebies, and other rewards, customers don't receive any special treatment for showing loyalty to this company. Again, it may not be a deal breaker for you as a customer, but it can still be disappointing, especially when compared to competing bookstores who do provide these programs.

    The Bottom Line

    Valore Books has much to offer. Its network of sellers is extensive, it provides space online for customers to review their experiences with the company, and it strives to make buying books more convenient and cheaper for all customers. As a customer, you would likely appreciate this company if you value these qualities and especially if you're looking for a place to sell your books as well as renting or buying them.

    For customers who would prefer not to work with individual sellers, Valore Books is not a recommended company. These customers would likely feel frustrated or at least not entirely comfortable with the orders they make through the company.

    Regardless of first impressions, however, Valore Books does in fact has many positive qualities that are sure to please. On the whole, they have done well to serve their customers and achieve the ultimate goal-to connect their customers with the books and resources they need most.

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