With headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, Skyo is an online bookstore that focuses primarily on textbooks. Through them, customers can buy, rent, and sell back textbooks—all for the sake of saving some money and making these processes more convenient. One of the prominent goals of this company is to make education more affordable for all parties involved—not just students but also parents and anyone else helping to fund classes and materials. Skyo specializes in textbook sales so they can be a resource where students and parents feel confident turning to for this purpose. Skyo ships some of their books from the warehouse they run in Aurora, but they also search online for the best deals on books that customers request. In this way, Skyo is not just a provider of textbooks; it’s also a helpful resource for comparing prices and knowing that you’re getting a great price. They ship to all US states except for Hawaii and Alaska. In addition to their textbook site, Skyo offer ShopSkyo.com, their website for purchasing other school supplies you might need.


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The Good

  • Customer support
  • Customer reviews
  • Selling your textbooks back

In many ways, it works as an advantage that Skyo specializes in textbooks (as opposed to selling all types of books and accompanying media). Because they focus all their efforts on this market, they become a very valuable resource for students and possibly parents who need a place to buy and sell back textbooks for school. This is a smart business approach for the company and speaks well of their knowledge about their chosen market.

But Skyo stands out in several other ways as well. In particular, Skyo offers the following features, all of which help out customers and make their experience more positive.

  • Customer support. First of all, Skyo has set up several ways for customers to feel cared for and remembered. For those who purchase or rent ebooks, they offer 24/7 support should you have any technical questions or immediate troubleshooting. For people who rent textbooks, they also send a courtesy reminder for you when your return date is approaching. Skyo also takes care of its customers in terms of shipping. For any order that meets or exceeds $10, Skyo will ship for free.
  • Customer reviews. Online shopping can make you feel more at risk to get a damaged product or an otherwise bad deal. For that reason, customer reviews come in handy. Through the experiences of previous customers, you can learn what type of service to expect from a company. Should you have questions about the condition of a textbook you’re thinking about buying, or a concern about how well Skyo’s orders follow through, check out their customer reviews. These can give you the confidence to continue doing business with Skyo (or they can help you avoid a bad deal).

Truthfully, the customer reviews on Skyo’s website range from very positive to very negative. That doesn’t necessarily speak well of consistently positive customer service for the company. However, Skyo responds to all of these comments and asks customers how they can make their experience more positive. Feedback like this helps redeem any negative reviews the company receives.

  • Selling your textbooks back. A convenient aspect of doing business with Skyo is the fact that they buy textbooks back from customers. Since Skyo works through the website BuyBack.com, they allow you to sell back your books when you are finished with them—sometimes allowing you to get back about half of the price you paid for the book. You can sell back your books online or in one of the 950 stores that BuyBack.com has on campuses around the US.In short, the positive qualities of this company relate the way Skyo treats its customers and makes their experience more convenient and affordable.

The Bad

  • They do not provide audiobooks
  • Their orders might be confusing

Admittedly, however, Skyo does have weaknesses—and they aren’t all minor. In many respects, they strive to treat their customers right, but the following cons might just drive their customers away.

  • They do not provide audiobooks. Let’s start with one of the more minor downsides. Unlike some competing bookstores, Skyo does not provide audiobooks to rent or purchase. You can only access printed books and eBooks through them. For most customers, this is not a deal breaker, but if you need an audiobook in particular, Skyo cannot help.
  • Their orders might be confusing. A more frustrating downside is that Skyo does not provide all of the books they sell or rent to customers. Because they’re searching online to find the best deal for you (which does work in your favor), you might occasionally receive a package from a different seller, not Skyo. This might be confusing and leaves you at risk for working with a different seller than you thought you were doing business with. In addition, Skyo will occasionally cancel orders they can’t fill for customers—for instance, if you ordered a book that they thought they had access to but couldn’t reserve in the end. In these ways, you might run into a few frustrations with the ordering process.
  • The Bottom Line

    However, to the credit of this company, it has still done a decent job of setting itself apart as a specialist in textbook deals, and in many ways it strives to make customers’ experiences positive. In addition, the fact that Skyo responds to both positive and negative customer reviews on its website speaks well of its efforts to still work with customers and to fix any mistakes they’ve made.

    Customers who need to rent, buy, or sell textbooks would appreciate the special focus that Skyo has put toward making education more affordable. Anyone who needs different types of books, however, should consider a different online bookstore.

    Ultimately, for customers who decide to try Skyo’s services, there are many positive qualities to look forward to. But for any customer, it would be helpful to first look over a few customer reviews of products you’re considering buying and to use caution when ordering from Skyo.

    Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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    1. User Score


      September 16th, 2016 Torrance, CA

      I purchased a book and tried to send a status request thru customer service with no response back. Which leads me to believe that I will not be getting my order and this is probably a scam. Poor customer service ..FRAUD.

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    2. User Score


      August 26th, 2016 Lilburn, GA

      Skyo is a scam. Their customer sevice number is fake and they don’t reply to emails. They were quick to take my money when i selected ecpress delivery. My book has not arrived after more than a week and i can’t get a human from this company on the phone. DO NOT USE!!!!

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    3. User Score


      August 14th, 2016 Jacksonville, AR

      tried to order books for my daughter. They said it was a fraudulent order. My ass it was. I looked for a number to get books fast. No number posted online. It has been days and no emails returned. My Credit Card was call by me and was told they never tried it. Look at the Better Business Bureau. SKYO has 9 files that was never addressed by them. The phone number was given to me by BBB. I ordered the books from Amazon. Prices were about the same because of no taxes. SKYO charged taxes and shipping.

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    4. User Score


      August 10th, 2016 Richardson, TX

      It sucks ass

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    5. User Score


      December 22nd, 2015 Lancaster, NY

      Skyo seemed like a reliable company to start with. I ordered a book from them, and waited for its delivery. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I checked the site and saw that they had cancelled my order. They never bothered to shoot me an email about it so I could’ve found it on another website. They also state in their FAQ that if your order gets cancelled because the book wasn’t available, they’ll find it for you somewhere else and pay the difference for it. However, they did not do that, they simply ignored me. When I asked about it, they simply said they couldn’t find it and gave up. I mentioned that I saw the book on their website again, but the price had gone up, to which they told me that they can’t help if the price increases.

      Long story short, don’t bother with Skyo, they’ll cheat you out of your books and never mention it to you.

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