Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Knetbooks is an online bookstore that specializes in textbooks. Using the company’s services, customers can buy, rent, and sell textbooks and ebooks.

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The Good

  • Sell-back policy
  • Free shipping
  • Customer reviews

Knetbooks follows through on its goal to provide a simple website. Its search engine for finding textbooks is easy to navigate. The company also provides several resources for answering customer questions, which helps make the processes for renting, purchasing, and selling textbooks low-stress. The following features set Knetbooks apart in this industry and make the company an appealing option for anyone in need of a textbook:

  • Sell-back policy: To begin with, it’s a major credit to this company that it offers the option to sell your textbooks. Plenty of companies offer the options to buy and rent textbooks, but not all of them let you sell books back. Many students don’t have a need for their books once a class ends, and books can wind up just wasting space. Through Knetbooks, you can get rid of books you don’t want or need anymore—not only freeing up space but also giving you a return on some of the money you spent on them. Knetbooks limits its sell-back process to online only, rather than allowing customers to sell their books in a store. This makes the sell-back process even more convenient.
  • Free shipping: One of the best perks about Knetbooks is its shipping policy. All of your orders will be free! Not only is it free to get books; Knetbooks also offers free shipping for when you return your rental. With online purchases, shipping can turn into an expensive hassle, but with Knetbooks, you can receive and return books at no charge.
  • Return policy: When you make a purchase through Knetbooks, you have 25 days to return your book if you need to. All things considered, this is a very reasonable amount of time to make a return. Although some competing bookstores allow 30 to 60 days to return, there are a number of other companies that only provide a two-week return window. A 25-day return policy is plenty of time to make your decision and take care of the logistics. However, it is important to read the return policy fine print. A 10 percent restocking fee plus return shipping are charged to you as the buyer.
  • Customer reviews: Particularly with online companies, product reviews can be incredibly helpful to know what you can expect from a company. To its credit, Knetbooks provides customer reviews on its website, which can help you decide whether their services will meet your needs. In addition, the company provides a place to write a review of your own about a book. As a customer, it’s nice to be heard and to hear genuine feedback from others.

The Bad

  • Lack of experience
  • No memberships available
  • No audiobooks

While the customer policies at Knetbooks are positive qualities, this company does have a few areas to improve on. Knetbooks is still a newer company in this industry, and while many aspects of its business approach may appeal to customers, the company may still need time to refine what it offers. In particular, Knetbooks specializes in textbook sales, which is a bonus for students, but it limits its business to textbooks only, which makes it unappealing to many other customers. The following aspects could turn into sources of frustration for a variety of customers:

  • Lack of experience: Knetbooks has only been in business since 2009, which means that it’s a relatively new player in the industry. The company is most likely still working out its business tactics, establishing a solid customer base, and expanding its inventory. While it’s not necessarily a red flag to do business with a newer company, it can be a deterrent for customers who prefer a more experienced business that has had time to build its reputation.
  • No memberships available: For customers who would prefer to pay for a membership to an online bookstore, Knetbooks won’t be a great option. This company is better suited for individual purchases than wholesale purchases. Again, this isn’t always a red flag for customers, but it can make a company unappealing for students who expect to regularly purchase books. In that regard, memberships can be more convenient and make a customer feel more established with a retailer.
  • No audiobooks: Finally, Knetbooks does offer textbooks and ebooks, but it does not offer audiobooks. Some students would prefer learning from audiobooks for a number of reasons, so for these individuals, Knetbooks may not be the best option. It’s great that the company has built up an inventory of textbooks, but it would be nice to have that additional format options for students who prefer or need it.

The Bottom Line

Knetbooks offers many positive features, including free shipping, a reasonable return policy, and  the option for students to sell back textbooks. However, Knetbooks is still relatively new to the industry and does not offer memberships or audiobooks.

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  1. User Score


    April 14th, 2017 Gales Creek, OR

    It seems like my experience is shared by many others, this company charges an outrageous amount for late returns. This was my first time using this rental company, I should of stayed with my regular “go to” rental companies Ecampus, and Valore. I will, never, ever used them again. Please stay away from them. I admit that I returned the book 3 days later than the due date, but I was charged $250 for a book that costs between $80-$120 new. The customer service rep. told me they will only refund 50% of the charges. This company is receiving from me a total of $200 for a book that I don’t even get to keep. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I read their service agreement which does not state what the late fee will be. Be aware that the fee they charge will be more than 50% of the actual book cost, plus whatever you already paid for the rental.

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  2. User Score


    January 15th, 2016 Houston, TX

    DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I rented a book from them, it was cheap like 30 total for the semester. My school semester ended and literally about two days after it ends they require it to be shipped. I wasnt even aware that there was a deadline. It turns out, their deadline is very strictly enforced. A week or so after I sent the book off, they charged my card $200. I thought that it was an error, they would process the book into their system and refund the amount. I waited…. a week. They didnt. I called they said they will refund 50% which is ridiculous. I ended up getting 75% refund of the damn fee. So they charged me $50 for the book being a few days late. THEY DONT MAKE THEIR DUE DATES CLEAR AND APPARENT. BEWARE!!!

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  3. User Score


    January 8th, 2016 Atlanta, GA

    I recently rented a textbook with this company. The textbook was 6 days late, which I was not aware of. The only email I received was one telling me my card was charged $147 for the full amount of the book. I returned the book immediately. When I called customer service, I was told that they sent three emails advising of when it was due/late, which was not true. The only option is a 50% refund which is ridiculous. I am now awaiting a supervisor to call me.

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