Scribd Adds Comics to Their E-Book Subscription Service

By: Natalie Mootz | February 10, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)


Scribd announced today that it has added more than 10,000 comics and graphic novels to its $8.99/month e-book subscription service. Scribd's comics selection runs the gamut from the Avengers to Archie Comics, including titles from Marvel, Top Cow, and IDW, among others. Graphic novels are also included from authors like George R.R. Martin and Alan Moore. Scribd's catalog includes the latest comic book issues as well as classics -- and even manga from Cork and Harlequin. Scribd's search capabilities are interesting too: you can browse by series or choose from collections like "Funny Women."

It's interesting that some Marvel comics are included in Scribd's collection since it will be competing against Marvel's own unlimited service which costs $9.99/month. There is some overlap between the titles offered by the two services. For example, you can get current Ms. Marvel titles from either site. However, Scribd's subscription also includes all its other e-books and audiobooks in addition to the comic offerings while Marvel's service includes a full catalog of historical issues.

By adding comics to its e-stable, Scribd is clearly aiming for a younger audience than, perhaps, its competitors Amazon Unlimited ($9.99/month) and Oyster ($9.95/month) are getting. Amazon does own an e-comics store called Comixology, but it only sells titles individually offers no subscription service.

You can get a free one-month trial to Scribd's subscription service where you can access not only their comics selection but also their other e-book and audiobook offerings. Thereafter, the service is $8.99/month.

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