Posted: Natalie Mootz | February 2, 2015

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How to Get the Most Out of Amazon Echo's Music Update


It gets tiresome yelling into the other room to tell those kids to TURN DOWN THAT RACKET. What with the waiting and the earplugs and the fist brandishing. Being a grouch can take so much energy! Even worse, if they were playing iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora, you'd have to actually pick up your phone and tap a key and some junk to control playback. Rude!

Never fear, musical malcontents! Amazon's got your back. Now the Amazon Echo, a personal/musical assistant/speaker, can heed your call. When Amazon rolled out the Echo it could only obey voice controls for iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, and TuneIn. To listen to other services, you had to employ a non-voice-controlled workaround. However, according to ZDNet, Amazon recently pushed an update to the Echo which now allows you to holler at the offending device with three more music services: iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora.

Victory for curmudgeons!

Also, victory to the rest of us!

You'll still have to follow our instructions to pair the Echo to your streaming device via Bluetooth, but once you get the device paired and playing the music, Echo can take care of the rest via your voice controls. Huzzah!

Here are some other tips for getting more out of Amazon Echo, courtesy of CNet:

  • Ask Alexa to play a style of music. For example, if you tell Alexa to "play upbeat music" you'll get some catchy pop tunes.
  • Use the Echo's Android or iOS app on your streaming device to see what's coming up on the playlist or to skip a song.
  • Check the app's History section to find out what songs have recently played.
  • From the app you can create a playlist off of a particular song.
  • Ask Alexa to play a local radio station via iHeartRadio.
  • You can also request and listen to podcasts.

So, basically, you'll still be yelling at those kids and their crazy Pandora rock and/or roll music. But this time at least Echo's Alexa will listen. (Now, GET OFF MY LAWN!)


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