HarperCollins partners up with Amazon for multi-year print and e-book deal

By: Abbey Dufoe | April 14, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

HarperCollins, one of the world's largest book publishers, reached a deal with Amazon today. The two companies have decided on a multi-year contract that includes print and e-books, VentureBeat disclosed. The contract will insure that Amazon provide book titles for a fair price.

All the agreements allow the publishers to set their own e-book prices, a major point of contention, but give them financial encouragement to price cheaply.

According to Reuters, financial details were not revealed to the public. The deal is expected to go through this week.

Publisher Macmillan reached a deal with Amazon in December after fighting over book prices, reports the New York Times. Last year, Amazon fought with publisher Hachette over the price of e-books as well, but ultimately struck a deal.

Amazon is now up against Oyster, the "Netflix" of books, which has been acquiring book licenses, including those from Macmillan. The subscription service has historically offered unlimited e-books for Kindle users (on iOS and Android) for $9.95 per month, so users could "rent" books to read but did have to return them. The library currently totals over 1 million titles.


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Written by Abbey Dufoe

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