Details Emerge About Amazon's Drones and Prime Air Service

By: Abbey Dufoe | May 6, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

A patent application acquired by Wired gives the public some insight into what Amazon hopes to achieve through it's pending Prime Air service, a delivery method which will allow drones to deliver packages under five pounds to Amazon Prime customers in certain areas.

Wired speculates that some of these scenarios may be a little out of reach, but make the decision for yourself! Here's more from the story:

  • The drones won't just leave the warehouse and deliver packages straight to your door, but will talk to each other in the sky. Conversations will likely include weather, traffic, and obstacles to make sure flight paths and landing options are safe.
  • Delivery locations will be fluid. Say you are walking to your office - drones could access your smartphone's GPS and fly to you. Hello, future. Options will likely include bringing it straight to customers or delivering to an address as usual, due to mock-ups seen by Wired. Amazon may also deliver to secure locations like Amazon lockers or car trunks. They have been testing trunk deliveries in Germany with Audis.
  • There are still regulatory hoops Amazon has to jump through to get their drones in the air. The online-retail giant, along with a group of annoyed companies, is seeing FAA reform. According to USA Today, Amazon wants to be able to fly drones beyond the line of sight of drone pilots, as well as allow drone pilots to manage multiple drones at once. These changes are important to Amazon, which hopes to launch their Prime Air 30-minutes delivery system, which would deliver packages to Prime customers.



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Written by Abbey Dufoe

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