Amazon upgrades cloud storage service

By: Abbey Dufoe | March 27, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

Amazon updated its cloud storage service to provide unlimited storage for still images, along with 5gb of space for videos, Forbes reports.

This plan for Amazon Cloud Drive costs users $12 per year and users can upgrade to unlimited storage for all files for $60 per year. These services are available to everyone, not just Prime subscribers, but Prime subscribers have had access to the unlimited cloud photo storage since fall 2014. Fire tablet owners have also had access to the free plan for a few months, according to CNet.

Amazon Prime costs $99 per year and includes unlimited streaming music, movies/TV shows, storage, and tw0-day shipping.

These prices are very competitive when compared to Dropbox, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Apple' storage plans:

  • Google (with the help of Google Plus), offers 1TB of storage for $120 per year (charged at $10 per month), with the first 15gb free. The 30TB plan costs $300 per month. All files can be accessed across a plethora of devices, mobile and stationary, through Google Drive and Google Plus.
  • Dropbox storage service costs $120 per year for 1TB, the same as Google's lower tier program.
  • Apple's iCloud charges $240 per year for 1TB of storage (first 5gb free), and the service plan stretches across all the user's Apple devices signed in with iCloud.
  • Yahoo (with the help of Flickr), charges 1TB of storage for free, but user must put up with ads. The ad-free service costs $50 per year.
  • According to VentureBeat, Microsoft charges $7 per month for 1TB with the first 15gb free. If users subscribe to Office 365, they get unlimited cloud storage on Microsoft's OneDrive.

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Written by Abbey Dufoe

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