Amazon unrolling "Stream" - photo grid of Amazon products

By: Abbey Dufoe | June 4, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

First it was Angie's List. Then it was Etsy. Now, it's Pinterest.

Amazon's "Stream" is the latest project for the online shopping giant, reports TechCrunch. Stream is a service that allows users to see Amazon products in a grid system. The top of the page reads "beautiful things, updated daily."

On a page offering a grid of product photos, users can browse products for men or women or both, and click a button to save items to their own collection.

The site has been live for months, but this is the first time TechCrunch has noticed it (or anyone, for that matter). When asked for comment, Amazon didn't want to share information, but instead spun a PR tale, saying they are always looking for ways to make the shopping experience better for their customers.

Products on the site can be sorted by "men," "women," and "your saves." Currently, there is no way for customers to sort by style or price. TechCrunch speculates that this service isn't necessarily useful for anything, considering it doesn't take into account your past purchase history or let you sort by price. Also, the items seem to be on the more expensive side of retail, instead of providing deals.

Time will tell what becomes of Stream. Until then, happy shopping!


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Written by Abbey Dufoe

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