Amazon's First Crowdsourced Books Drop March 3rd


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Written by Natalie Mootz | Last Updated June 26th, 2019
Natalie has been writing for the web since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Or at least since dinosaurs achieved blogging technology. She's also written for and Joystiq.


Woot! Give yourselves a hand! You did it!

Wait, why are you asking me about the reason we're cheering? Isn't everything you do worth cheering? I mean, whenever I attend a ballgame they do the Wave -- that thing where they holler and take turns raising their hands around the stadium. I assume it's for me, so I'm probably just used to being cheered. What's that you say? They don't do the Wave for you? You say they do the wave for the team? Oh dear. That makes me so sad. For you. For getting all confused like that.

Maybe it will help if I remind you what you did? You -- and by "you" I mean everyone -- voted on Amazon's Kindle Scout books and the winners have been selected for publication. As you may recall, Kindle Scout is Amazon's crowdsourced publishing platform. The winning books will get released on March 3rd.

Kindle Scout works pretty much the same way that Amazon Studios picks its new TV series -- by letting Amazon customers decide (en masse) which content Amazon should spend its money producing. So the 21 books that Kindle Scout is releasing are kind of like Amazon's Golden Globe-winning series Transparent in that they were chosen as part of a popularity contest. And what's the New York Times Bestseller list but a huge popularity contest? (Sometimes with no talent portion!)

The new books fall into many different genres, including romance, thrillers, mysteries, historical fiction, and even a YA zombie book. There are also some genre-crossing books that might have been hard-pressed to find publication through the traditional agent/publishing house model.

Bottom line is that Kindle Scout is great news for both readers and writers of books. So go ahead, give yourselves a hand!

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