Amazon enters travel world with Amazon Destinations

By: Abbey Dufoe | April 23, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

Amazon gives you competitive prices for virtually any consumer product that you need, and also delivers items to your doorstep in two days. Now, they're entering the online travel market with website "Amazon Destinations."

This week, the online-retail giant rolled out an Amazon Destinations page, complete with hotel listings and dining/attraction information, reports CNet. The service offers local destinations perfect for a weekend getaway, not so much those thousands of miles away in other countries. Either way, the areas available for search are in the following areas around the US:

  • Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon), including the Cascades, Puget Sound, Portland, the Washington Coast, the Oregon Coasts
  • Southern California, including Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Big Bear, the Central Coast
  • Northeast (New York, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania), including the Adirondacks, Vermont, the Catskills, the Poconos, the New Jersey Shore, the Hamptons, Pennsylvania Amish Country, the Finger Lakes

Amazon Destinations competes with TripAdvisor and AirBnb, online services for booking hotels and discovering attractions. According to TechCrunch, Amazon's venture into destinations stems from the fact that more than 40% of American travel is short-term domestic travel only a car ride away. MarketWatch reports that Amazon offers select nights for hotel stays on Amazon Destinations, but there is a large selection of hotels.

So, this was an easy choice to make for the online-retail giant, considering they've been expanding into drone deliveries and home services this year. Why not delve into travel sites, too?

The travel site is an expansion of Amazon Local, a service that provides coupons for local establishments like restaurants, entertainment, shopping and other stores, much like online coupon site Groupon.


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Written by Abbey Dufoe

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