A week with Amazon: acquisitions, new products, and rivalries

By: Abbey Dufoe | March 13, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

When you're one of the largest e-commerce sites in the United States, your weeks are anything but dull.

Check out what Amazon has been up to this week:

  • Amazon launched Amazon Exclusives this week, which will feature products from the hit ABC show 'Shark Tank' and online fundraising website Kickstarter. (via MarketWatch)
  • They acquired 2lemetry, a tech startup out of Denver that "has developed an enterprise-focused platform to track and manage IP-enabled machines and other connected devices." The price of 2lemetry hasn't been made public yet, but 2lementary has raised $9 million since their start in 2011. (via TechCrunch)
  • With the announcement of the Apple Watch comes the announcement of Amazon's Apple Watch app. Users will be able to search for products and buy them with Amazon's "one-click" shopping method. Be careful who gets their hands on your watch! (via TechCrunch)
  • Amazon is shipping their new product this week, a speaker called Echo. Echo is a conversational, uncomplicated Bluetooth speaker. You can talk to it, and it will complete tasks for you, much like Apple's Siri. You can even ask it to save things on your Amazon wishlist. It's currently selling for $100 for Prime members and $200 for non-prime members. Critics say users will get sick of it, considering it can't control things in your home (like your Nest), ask it anything it can't find on Wikipedia, or even call it "Echo" to get the voice command system going - it only responds to "Alexa" or "Amazon." (via CBSNews)
  • The e-commerce giant may also have some competition, as well as someone else to take over. India's version of Amazon, called FlipKart, is gaining traction in Indian markets (via CNBC News). Jet.com, another e-commerce Amazon rival, is giving customers huge discounts and bundles, but will still take longer to ship than Prime packages (via Wall Street Journal). On the flip side, Amazon may have a big business opportunity should it choose to buy the now bankrupt Radio Shack's stores. This would provide Amazon with retail hubs, but also places for returns, which customers want these days (via Forbes).

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Written by Abbey Dufoe

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