Founded in 1872, BB&T continues to build on their reputation and tradition of striving for excellence within the community to this day. BB&T offers clients a complete range of financial services. These features and services include: banking, lending, insurance, trust, and wealth management solutions.
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The Good

  • Great services
  • Checking account options
  • Saving account options

Great Services

BB&T Bank offers a number of banking, lending, and investing solutions to consumers throughout a number of states spread across the country. The BB&T operation is backed and insured by the FDIC and all payments and transactions are secure. They also meet all requirement to be considered an equal housing lender. Additionally, there are insurance options for those who receive loans through BB&T.

Checking Account Options

BB&T Bank offers five different checking account options. Each option provides a number of useful features and include there own set of restrictions. Those that bank with BB&T can upgrade their checking account or open a new account online without having to visit a physical branch. All BB&T checking accounts come with paper statement capabilities. Additionally, all BB&T checking accounts offer online and mobile app banking with personal financial management tools through U by BB&T, BB&T ATM withdrawals, and Phone24 automated inquiries. Each checking account option is broken down as follows:

  • BB&T Fundamentals Checking – a basic account with a fixed monthly fee that’s easy on almost any budget. Includes a $5 monthly maintenance fee.
  • BB&T Bright Checking – for those who intend to set up direct deposit for a paycheck or other regular deposit. Includes a $12/month maintenance fee, but there are ways to avoid it.
  • Elite Gold – designed for those who have a mortgage or other high-balance account with BB&T. Requires a $30 monthly maintenance fee but it can be waived if certain restrictions are met.
  • Student Checking – perfect for a student who wants stress-free checking with no minimum balance requirement. There is no monthly maintenance fee.
  • Senior Checking – specifically for those who are at least 55 years old, want free checks and easily-waived maintenance fees. There is a $10 monthly maintenance fee, however there are ways to avoid having to pay it.

Saving Account Options

There are also two different types of savings accounts available to those that bank with BB&T. Similar to the varying checking account, each savings account is designed to benefit a specific consumer and comes with its own benefits and restrictions. Both of the BB&T savings account include combined statements, online banking, mobile banking and account alerts. The accounts are broken down as follows:

  • BB&T eSavings: designed for clients looking for competitive interest rates. There is no minimum deposit and interest is compounded daily.
  • Investor’s Deposit Account: this account meets the needs of investors seeking premium interest rates. There is a minimum deposit requirement of $10,000 and interest is compounded in a tiered system with premium money market rates compounded daily.

For those looking for investment options, BB&T offers a wide range of services that are almost guaranteed to help individuals save for retirement or other milestones. Consumers can plan accordingly and make sure that they are staying on track to their specific savings goals.

The Bad

  • Limited insurance
  • Limited availability
  • Monthly maintenance fee

Limited Insurance

For those who wish to purchase insurance can do so through BB&T. However, the insurance services are not FDIC-insured, nor are they guaranteed by the bank. The insurance is also not backed by any state or federal government agency. Also, the insurance may go down in value over time.

Limited Availability

BB&T’s service can only be found in sixteen states across the U.S. This eliminates a large portion of the nation’s population and is therefore not an option for a number of prospective consumers. Those who wish to bank with BB&T will need to reside in one of the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Washington D.C.
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Monthly Maintenance Fee

The majority of BB&T accounts require some sort of monthly maintenance fee. While some accounts have stipulations that can be met in order to avoid this charge, that is not an option for all account types. These monthly maintenance fees can typically be found on the basic forms of banking and consumers should be aware of these charges.

The Bottom Line

BB&T offers a number of the standard banking and lending services that are common within the industry, but they provide several options that are designed to help each consumer get the most out of their banking experience. Those that bank with BB&T can expect the following from the service:

  1. Variety of checking and savings accounts to choose from
  2. Individualized and personal attention on investing endeavors
  3. Options for all types of consumer situations
  4. Limited service availability
  5. Monthly maintenance charges on accounts

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