US Search specializes in finding people. Since 1994, this Washington state based company has been finding hard-to-reach friends and relatives in all walks of life. As one of the pioneers of internet people searches, US Search provides their customers with current addresses and phone numbers. They claim to be different from other people search companies by having more updated information on their reports. US Search provides searches for background checks, criminal records, public records, property information and much more. Although they are not considered a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Federal Credit Reporting Act, they do have a partnering company that can conduct searches for employment, tenants, or other related purposes covered by the FCRA.


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The Good

  • Different Membership Options
  • Many Services Included in Searches
  • Customer Support

Different Membership Options

At US Search, there are a lot of different pricing options available. Customers can log onto the site and do a free initial search that will pull up brief information to make sure the search is being conducted on the correct individual. Once the individual has been confirmed, a customer searching can choose to either buy the single report or purchase a membership subscription that will allow them more access to the report as well as additional reports. A single purchased report can vary in costs depending on the depth of information a customer wants included. Memberships are purchased through OmniSearch and give customers discounts on all reports as well as access to more free information.  The price breakdown at US Search is as follows;

Single Report Purchase:

  • People Search Report- $2.45
  • 1-State Criminal Check- $14.95
  • Background Report- $39.95

OmniSearch Membership Pricing: $19.95 per month

  • People Search Report- $1.45
  • 1-State Criminal Check- $9.85
  • Background Report- $29.95

Although this pricing is higher than some other comparable people search companies, US Search does give quite a few more options than other companies that allow customers to more specifically choose what they need. US Search also provides a free two-day trial of their membership benefits. The two days allow any customer to view what the benefits are of purchasing the membership. The trial must be canceled in the two-day period or an automatic membership is billed the following day for $19.95.

Many Services Included in Searches

They do include a lot of different services in their searches, which is what allows them to be one of the most popular people search engines. The company includes people searches, background checks, criminal, public and property records in their search results and uses a network of databases that contain information from a variety of publicly available sources including government records, court documents, professional licensing organizations and phone books. One of the things that make US Search unique from its competition is that they update their data more frequently than most companies. Each screening service is updated at different intervals which helps keep all their information current to use on people search reports.

Customer Support

Their customer support team works hard to keep customers with questions or concerns happy. They have both an email address for customers to write concerns or a phone number listed at the top of every page on the website, making sure it is accessible to all customers. The customer support also states that most emails are answered within forty-eight hours of when they were sent. The customer support department at US Search does a good job at answering questions and concerns in a timely manner, and helps to get any issues resolved efficiently.

The Bad

  • Not a Consumer Reporting Agency
  • Third Party Sharing

Not a Consume Reporting Agency

The down side to US Search is the fact that they only are capable of doing people searches and that they are not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Federal Credit Reporting Act. This means anyone using their website is legally not to do so for employment, tenant decisions, or any other related purpose covered by the Federal Credit Reporting Act. Customers may only use their site to search people for family, personal, and other non-FCRA reasons. However, they do have a partnering company Talentwise that does have the ability to do background checks and screening for employment and tenant purposes. The two companies partnering does not necessarily make it easier to do all the background checks, a customer may need, through one search.

Third-Party Sharing

Us Search is owned by, a company that also owns several other people search websites. According to their privacy policy, when customers register using Facebook login credentials, or other similar processes, they also authorize US Search to gain information from Facebook, or the other associated account. In addition, after using your credit card to purchase a service, you have to let them know that you do not want your information to be provided to third-party services (for Internet advertising, etc.).

The Bottom Line

US Search is a great people search company if a customer is not searching for background checks for employees or possible tenants. They offer reasonable costs with both per report pricing as well as membership pricing that gives a customer access to more information, detailed reports as well as discounted background check costs. Their searches are very thorough and they are able to search for background checks, criminal records, public records, property records, phone directories and much more. The business has a hard working customer support department that is available through both phone and email and even tries to respond to written emails with questions or concerns within forty-eight hours of when they were sent. One down side is their limited ability to do anything but people searches, and that they are not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Federal Credit Reporting Act. However, for all those screening purposes they have a link to a partnering company that can fulfill those needs for any customers. Be sure to read their privacy policy before purchasing.

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    November 13th, 2016 Fort Thomas, KY

    A total scam. If you sign up for a 14.95 one-time search, they inform you you have signed up for a re-occurring 20.00 a month service a week later, coincidentally into the next cycle of the card they are stealing from. The service , who knows?
    scam, avoid.

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