PeopleWise is a background check company that gives customers access to billions of public records. They provide searches for people, businesses, properties, or neighborhoods. The company is powered by LexisNexis whose Accurint products provide detailed information. Being powered through LexisNexis allows them to organize data related to any search subject efficiently and comprehensively. They then compile the information into logically organized reports that are available for customers to purchase. Each category has a selection of reports that have varying amounts of information depending on how much the searcher wants to spend. Beginning with the most basic of information pertaining to a search as free and raising in cost from there.


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The Good

  • Search convenience
  • No membership fees
  • Multiple services
  • Customer service

PeopleWise is a hub of public records. The biggest benefit they offer to their customers is the convenience of searching for any specific information easier. Instead of spending time going through multiple different sites or physical records, PeopleWise complies all of it through LexisNexis into one source, saving their customers time and frustration.

A huge benefit PeopleWise offers to their customers is the ability to pay per transaction. They do not have any membership fees or any subscription fees. Instead, users can search through PeopleWise and find basic information; more detailed information then comes once a report is purchased. The different search types have different price points. For example, if a customer is looking for a person they have the option of choosing to purchase a basic report, advanced report, or a premium report in addition to the free basic information provided to insure they have the correct person. Basic reports cost $1.95, an advanced report $2.95 and a Premium report jumps up to $24.95, but the premium report includes a generous amount of information including any bankruptcies, property owned, concealed weapons permits and much more. Payment is accepted through valid credit cards and billing information. However, because the system is set up as per-transaction basis customers are only able to purchase one report at a time. The company is currently working on a way to allow their users to purchase more than one report at a time.

Business searches follow the same pattern as people searches with options of a basic finders report, a check report and a premium report. As stated before, the premium provides the most information, as it is a higher cost. Property searches are a flat rate, and neighborhood searches offer two report choices; neighborhood safety report or a residential quality report. Once a report is purchased, the search conductor has seven days to keep the information. Anyone can find their purchased reports under the Purchased Reports tab located under My Account on the website. The prices for each report are as follows:

• Finder- $0.95
• Check- $7.95
• Premium- $24.95

• $7.95

• Neighborhood Safety- $9.00
• Residential Quality- $4.00

PeopleWise uses different screening services in order to provide the most information possible when completing any background check. All of which are public records or publicly available information. The screening services they use within these public records are telephone directories, court records, professional associations, and government records. PeopleWise uses unregulated data from hundreds of providers and have information on over four million subjects. They take all of this information for their clients and compile it into organized documents.

Although PeopleWise does not offer the most search types for a background check company it does have several different categories which is a great benefit for any potential customer. Clients searching are able to search through the records of people, businesses, properties or neighborhoods. Any questions about how to work the PeopleWise website, or about a specific search or questions in general, are directed to their customer service department which can be reached either by email or by personal chat with a PeopleWise representative.

The Bad

  • No free trials
  • Limited company information

The negative sides of PeopleWise are small issues that only effect customers in a minor way.

As mentioned above, People Wise is a transaction based background check website. This is different from other background check companies in that there is neither a membership available nor any subscription fees. Customer’s use their site for one-time report purchases or for repeat report inquires, but each report is purchased separately. This set up does not have a need for a free trial period. Instead, PeopleWise gives anyone searching the basic information on his or her search for free. This is to insure that the search is correct and to help customers decide whether or not they want to purchase more detailed information.

Having no available information on how a company was started is not crucial on deciding whether or not is it a good company. It is however, inconvenient for potential customers researching the site. PeopleWise does not have any information available on the Internet on how it got its start. How long it has been in business, who the company’s leaders are, or where it is headquartered is not information that can be easily found.

The Bottom Line

PeopleWise provides customers searching for background check information access to billions of public records in one convenient location. They have fair pricing with no membership or subscription fees. Instead, they offer the benefit of a transaction based payment system where customers can buy the specific report they are looking for and nothing more. All of their information is gathered from government documents and other public records and logically sorted into organized reports. PeopleWise provides searches of peoples, business, properties and neighborhoods. They have available customer service representatives to chat or an email service for any questions customers may have. On the down side, PeopleWise does not offer any free trial periods nor does it have any company information available online. Although these facts are not deal breakers when choosing a background check website, they are inconvenient for any past or future customer. PeopleWise is a helpful background check website and provides its customers with convenience and knowledgeable information for a low price.

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