People Smart is a people search engine website that is headquartered in California. The company started in 2007, and is a product of the company Inflection who is a trusted leader in identity searches and protection. Under Inflection they are a triad of background check search engines that include Good Hire and People Smart’s goal is to create products that balance access, transparency and choice. The website is a public records database that complies their research into thoughtful designs while keeping both the users and the people being searched for safe.


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The Good

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Public records accessibility
  • Good customer support

Their website does not have the lowest pricing out there for their products. However, they are not the priciest either. People Smart keeps their pricing for their background checks reasonable and very competitive to what other sites are offering. They do not offer a cost per background check but instead give a small amount of information for free then offer customers subscription costs for more detailed reports. The most popular subscription is the Monthly package, which offers unlimited report access for one month for $19.95. The Quarterly Unlimited Search Membership is $44.85 or $14.95 a month. Finally, the Annual Unlimited Search Membership, the priciest of the options, costs $119.40 or $9.95 per month. Each subscription membership gives unlimited access to people searches, address results, phone lookups, and email verification.

People Smart is a public records based company, meaning that all of their screening services come from public records. Court houses, state and local record agencies, and commercial vendors supply the bulk of the data used in searches. One interesting service that makes People Smart unique is the resource of a court runner. Many court records are not yet digitized; meaning the only way to obtain them is by physically going into the courthouse and searching the documents. People Smart cuts this hard work out by allowing customers to fill out a request form online to have the records retrieved and sent back within an average of thirty-eight hours.

Customer support is not only good for their own members but also for any one customer looking for more information about the company or using the search engine for the very first time. They have a phone number that has a representative available to call but the website warns against this method as the wait time can be long on the phone. Instead, the preferred method to reach the customer support department at People Smart is to fill out a support ticket. The form is available on the site and customers can give detailed information about their questions or concerns. A response back is usually done in a timely manner. For additional ways to reach their business, a mailing address is also listed for those customers who prefer that method of communication.

The Bad

  • Small search type
  • No free trial period

People Smart is only a people search engine. It is not Federal Credit Reporting Act sanctioned and legally can’t be used for any employment background check information or other related searches. However, even though they are limited to people searches only, the sister companies affiliated with Inflection have other resources. For instance, Good Hire (a sister company) is specifically designed for employers to use to get background checks on employees. The link to the sister companies is found right on the home page of People Smart so that if a customer is looking for that type of search, it can be easily accessed.

One thing many customers wish they would start offering is free trial periods on their products. Some background check companies allow customers a free trial period before having to purchase a membership subscription, but People Smart does not. Although they do give some of the information for free before a full report is purchased, detailed reports are withheld until payment is received and then unlimited access begins for the time frame that has been paid.

The Bottom Line

People Smart is a great people search engine website that is very comparable to other background check sites. Being apart of Inflection, People Smart has sister companies that offer the products they legally cannot without being Federal Credit Reporting Act ensured. They have competitive pricing with their lowest subscription cost starting at only $19.95 and giving unlimited access to any report with a one month time purchased time frame. They have access to many public records and compile all findings into reports for customers. One of their unique benefits is their court runner service. This service allows customers access to un-digitized court records by filling out an online form and receiving results in an average of thirty-eight hours. However, they do not offer any free trial periods and although their partnering companies broaden the search types available, People Smart is only able to conduct people searches for personal needs. Overall, People Smart is a great people search engine that provides customers with all the necessary resources to search for people.

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    January 19th, 2016 Boulder, CO

    paid one-time-only $9.95 to find old friend from 60 years ago. Expected to get phone number and address. was given phone number and city of residence. Said I would have to upgrade membership ($24.95) to get street address. What a ripoff!

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  2. User Score


    March 17th, 2015 Durham, NC

    Major Scam! you sign in after payig $29.95 for “A” people search report and it’s not even up to date. Immediately asked for money back and was pretty much told too bad! Now fiing with State Attorney and American Express – not worth the money

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