People Finders began in 1988 as a people search company. They have since become one of the largest owners of public records data in the United States. They claim to have information on virtually every adult in the U.S. as well as having unique access to other commercial data sources. People Finders is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their records allow customers to find information spanning the last forty years and delivers comprehensive and accurate results. The company’s process for finding people has been refined over the years and now claims to be the fastest people search engine on the Internet.


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The Good

  • Many purchasing options
  • Free trial offered
  • Public search records
  • Partnering companies to fit all background check needs
  • Available customer support

Unlike other people search companies, People Finders has designed a report purchasing system that is easy to use and satisfies most customers searching their site. Reports are broken down into two sections; a People Search Report and a Background Report. People Search Reports contain about half the information that Background Reports contain and as a result are much cheaper. A single People Search Report is $1.95; an extremely low cost compared to other competitors search companies. Background Reports are also available for a single, one-time purchase for $39.95. This is a large price jump but the two reports do contain very different information. People Search reports only contain very basic information on any individual being searched.

Along with single report purchases, People Finders give customers the option to purchase subscription plans. Before the subscription begins however, they allow customers a three-day trial period that includes unlimited people, public, property reports and more. A report purchased with a three-day trial can run $0.95 for the People Search Reports or $19.95 for the Background Reports. The three-day trial can be canceled within that time and the customer will be charged only $2.95. If the trial is not canceled and a customer wants to continue with a membership subscription, $24.95 will be billed monthly.

Like many other people search engines, they use public records for all of their report data. Some unique records they use to obtain more information than some other companies include; supermarket rewards cards, product warranty registration cards, and even raffle and sweepstakes entries. All of these are used to create individuals public profiles and are public information for anyone to use. People Finders collects the information for their customers and compiles it all into organized reports.

People Finders is not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This means their background checks are not to be used for any purpose defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act such as credit or tenant screening. However, a big benefit People Finders has provided to their customers is having partnering companies who do have these types of resources. Link on the People Finders website can send anyone looking for these specified purpose to their partnering companies, such as

Another factor that helps them stand out among its competitors as well is their very available customers support staff. People Finders has gone out of their way in trying to make their customer service department at accessible as possible. Customers have the options to either call in to their staff (which is open all seven days a week though at varying times), email the company directly, or even send a question or concern in the mail. The customer support team at People Finders is very friendly and easy to work with. The company works hard to get things done correctly and in a timely manner.

The Bad

  • Only equipped for people searches

As mentioned above, like many other people search companies, People Finders is not a Consumer Credit Reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Their background checks have strict policies on reasons they can and can’t be used. They also allow customers to search for individuals for many other purposes including, phone number, previous background check information, criminal records, public records, or genealogy search,

The Bottom Line

People Finders has been in business for twenty-seven years and has become one of the largest owners of public records data in the United States. They give their customers a lot of different purchasing options both for single reports and for membership subscriptions. They offer a free trial period for customers who are not sure which companies they want to use for their background check information. They use public records for all of their information found on background checks including raffles and sweepstakes entries, supermarket rewards cards, and product warranty registration cards. Although they are not able to provide their reports for credit or tenant screening, they do have partnering companies that can be easily accessed on their website for all of those background check needs. They are known for their excellent customer service and customers can find many different places to contact them on their website. We recommend using People Finders for your background check needs.


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