Kroll Background Screening is united with various other HireRight companies. They are united to work to deliver top of the line screening solutions so that you can make the best hiring decisions. They provide regular employee background checks and more specialized searches. They are a single source provider of background screening services so that you do not have to utilize multiple sites to get the information that you need.


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The Good

  • Wide range of services
  • Availability
  • Customizable plans
  • Company promise

Kroll understands that you feel that it is crucial to your organization to hire the best people for the job. Because of this they offer a wide range of services that can help you determine who is the right person for you to hire. Their screening services help to detect where there are red flags with their criminal records, inaccurate or incomplete information on resumes or CVs, drug use, sanctions, and poor performance histories.

The information that Kroll provides covers more than 200 countries territories. In the United States, Kroll offers:

  • Employment background checks
  • Screening for executive hires
  • Vendor employee screening
  • Student applicant screening
  • Drug and health testing
  • Form I-9 solutions (including E-Verify)

Their wide range of employment screening services gives you the ability to customize your plan so that you can receive the information in the report that you need. Being a company that offers screening of all different types. Offering a large range of services allows you to find their services you need from a single site, versus going to a many.

They promise that your screening programs “will be handled with careful attention to accuracy, thoroughness, ethics, and legal compliance”.

The Bad

  • No prices listed on website

It is extremely inconvenient that there are no prices listed on their site. You have to register prior to seeing any pricing plans. You have to give up your contact information in order view prices. If you end up not wanting to utilize their services, they have your information and can contact you even when you may not want them to.

The Bottom Line

Kroll has many services that you can pick and choose what you would like to see in the report. You have the opportunity to see if an individual is the right person to join your organization. With all the services that they offer, it looks like you may not have to gather information from numerous sites, just have to look at Kroll. They do not have a rating, nor are they accredited which can raise some concerns. It is frustrating that you cannot see any prices until you have given up your contact information, but maybe this site will work for you.


All the prices are undisclosed.

Search Type

This site is tailored to help you find future employees that are qualified for the job that you need them to perform.

Screening Services

Kroll offers the screening services: employment background checks, drug testing, vendor screening, executive screening, and various others.

Free Trial

Kroll does not offer a free trial.

Customer Support

If you have any questions you can email customer support directly from their website or call them directly.

Time in Business

Kroll has been in business for over forty years. They were acquired by Altegrity in August 2010.


Contact Information

  • Phone number: (866) 541-4024
  • Email address: Not Listed
  • Address: Not Liste

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