There were some recent issues with Intelligator. They are a company that is not a credit-reporting agency. However, they recently received a letter of reprimand from the FTC regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In 2012, Inteligator, and several companies in the industry, began using mobile apps to help individuals conduct background checks. We weren’t able to find a business start date for Intelligator, but we found customer complaints online going all the way back to 2011. Intelligator’s app provides a background check which includes a criminal history, may look at bankruptcies, and other public records that may reveal a client’s background to a potential employer. If an individual finds out that an employer is using this to screen their eligibility for a position, the app may be in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting act.


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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Opt-out option

Intelligator seems to provide good prices for their services. On their website, we found an ad for a special, which included a background screening and a subscription to their website. They are currently advertising a two-day special, which includes the following provisions: If you sign up for their 4-full day access premium, your additional searches will cost $1.00. If you use their discount, you can get access to premium searches for $1.00. Regularly, a client is billed $19.95 per month until cancellation.

This seems like a pretty good deal. Most companies charge $19.95 or more per month for a subscription while others charge less. This was one of the few good things that we found regarding their website.

We liked the fact that there was an opt-out option for their company. If you are in a sensitive employment position, such as law enforcement, they will remove your sensitive information from the search parameters of their website. They don’t’ “delete” your information; they simply block it from their search algorithm. We would like to see more secure privacy options, however, no background website that we reviewed was fully transparent or would remove a private citizen’s search criteria from their website.

The Bad

  • Search feature
  • Difficult to reach
  • Turnaround time

There were some serious red flags when we went to review this company’s website. When we tried using the search feature of the website, we were led to a link that said that component of their website had been shut down due to violation the domain provider’s terms of services. As of this time, there is no way to order a people search with this website.

How are we supposed to get ahold of this company? There is an email form on the website. However, when we tried to use it, we never received any response from the company. There is a fax number provided for their data opt-out division. That being said, there was no phone number so we could actually speak to a real person. We imagined that people are having some difficulty with this company and there is no way for their to be a fair and viable complaint resolution process for consumers.

We were also concerned about the opt-out policy. One company provided turnaround times for having your information removed from a database. With Intelligator, there was no turnaround time for how long it would take to process an opt-out request.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the “bad” items listed above lead us not to recommend this company as an online records provider. Even though they have a comprehensive number of records and information available. Customers had issues with canceling their account, which led us to wonder how often the cancellation email account listed on the website was checked. Also, the number of customers complaining about being “scammed” on sites such as was quite high. We also were concerned that we couldn’t use the search features of their website.

We would recommend using another people search site if you were looking to obtain background information on someone in your life. Also, we’d recommend avoiding their mobile app, as the mobile app, according to the FTC, is not FCRA compliant. Many of the companies in this industry are not able to provide reports for hiring and other background issues. Avoid using Intelligator and find a reputable background firm in order to get the most accurate information for your people search endeavors.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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