HireRight is one of the world’s largest providers of employee background checks. They help companies of all sizes and locations manage and control the background screening process. The company began in 1990 and now has twenty-five years of experience in the background check field. Their worldwide headquarters is located in California and their services reach over two hundred countries and territories. They offer more than one hundred and fifty unique background check services and were the first in the background check industry to introduce Internet-based background screenings, which was launched in 1997. They offer more solutions for background checks than any other provider in the industry.

Hire Right is one of the few companies in the industry that has actually won several awards for their services and technologies over the years. Here are a few of the awards that we found listed on Hire Right’s website:

  • Inc. 5000’s top companies list
  • Market Tools ACE Award (2012)
  • 2008 Top HR Products of the Year
  • The Hot List 2012 List of Top Background Check Providers

The Good

  • Large amount of information
  • Sizable number of services
  • Report packages
  • Free trial period for some packages
  • Time in business

A company the size of HireRight has more benefits than most in the industry because of their knowledge and experience base. The company has a large amount of information that is available on their website for any employer to search when choosing a background check company.

As mentioned above, HireRight offers more than one hundred and fifty unique background check services. Of their numerous options of reports to purchase each has a substantial amount of information listed on the background check. Some of the services they include in these checks are pulled from the National Criminal Database, felony and misdemeanor searches, terrorist watch list, address history, motor vehicle records, previous employment verification, and health care sanctions. These are just to name of few of the screening services they provide. Each report can go as in-depth as an employer wants. The company partners with the industry’s top e-recruiting solution providers to maximize their screening abilities.

There are so many different choices of reports available for purchase through HireRight. Employers can choose which package best fits their specific needs, starting with the HireRight Express package that is built for small companies. The Professional package is for medium sized companies, Enterprise for large companies, and DAC Edition for transportation companies. The Express package begins with a one time, non-refundable subscription fee of $19.95. Once that is complete, companies can further choose which report choice is best suited for them personally. They have four different options:

• Economy- $29.95 (one day to complete)
• Advantage- $54.95 (two days to complete)
• Advantage Plus- $69.95 (two days to complete)

Employers also have the option to customize their background screening and order report information buffet style; choosing which screening services they would like to receive on potential employees.

Professional, Enterprise, and the DAC Edition packages all have a free trial period by way of a product demo. An employer cannot choose any of these packages without fist setting up the product demo with a customer service representative. Unlike the Express package, these packages contain quite a bit more information and their pricing information is not listed unless contact is made with a company representative.

Any company that has been in business for a long period of time is more credible than a start-up company. HireRight has been in business for over twenty years and has forged their way to get to the top of the background check industry. They were one of the first background check companies to introduce Internet-based screenings and changed the industry for the better. Along with their credible time in business, they also have available customer service representatives through an online form that can be filled out through their website. Although they do not offer a live chat service for any questions, they do have a phone number listed for customer service concerns as well as an email address for written out issues.

The Bad

  • Limited search types


HireRight is simply for employers or companies to use as they search for new employees. The site does not have any other type of background check available. This can be inconvenient for any customer that wants background checks for any other reason. Personal, property checks, or any other type that is not related to the hiring of new employees cannot be completed through them. Although, this limiting factor does allow them to be as thorough as possible on the background screenings they do accomplish.

The Bottom Line

HireRight is a background screening service that is specifically designed for employers looking to find information on potential new employees. They provide background checks with varying amounts of information for varying prices. To sign up to receive background reports, any employer must first pay a one-time non-refundable fee of $19.95, and then choose the type of package they wish to purchase for their screenings. The cheapest of these packages is the Economy package, which is as low as $29.95 or can be has high as $69.95. Also available is a customize report options which allows employers to choose which information they want provided on a background check. The other package options are the Professional, Enterprise and the DAC Edition for transportation companies. Each of these has a product demo available but must be tried after contacting the customer service department and speaking to a representative. HireRight is an information rich company that makes background searches easy for employers and convenient for everyone. We recommend using HireRight for your employment background needs.

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  1. User Score


    June 22nd, 2017 Toledo, OH

    Just the most absolute worst “hiring” company out there. I feel like I am trying to get a position in the White House when all I am trying to get into is a dirty, loud factory job. They have verified my work history with my W2’s I have provided, but will not complete it because they cannot figure out the Exact start/Finish dates.. what do those have anything to do with the fact THEY HAVE MY W2s for proof???? This “Hire Right” process has cost me an Entire week with no pay. I was told, not verified, then verified, then completed with discrepancy.. wtf.. screw this company, bad ratings 110% anywhere I can rate them.

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  2. User Score


    April 12th, 2017 Woodside, NY

    Their online platform is slow, outdated, and extremely cumbersome. Lots of hidden fees all over the place. Customer service kicks the ball around, and one out of the ten people you speak to will know what’s going on. An extreme waste of time and money. Cancelling takes an unnecessarily long time (still worth it, since otherwise you’ll be paying a $250 annual subscription fee for your account), and they end it with a snarky “You will be charged for a $300 USB fee if you ever need information from a deactivated account.” In this day and age, a 4TB portable hard drive costs $120 on Amazon, so they really are just shoving it in your face.

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  3. User Score


    November 8th, 2016 San Diego, CA

    Hireright is the worst company to have check your background. While you pass them pre hire interview. They’re methods are very unfair. They are the ones who are leftists to decide if you will be hired. They also make you do the footwork, even when you provide all documents.

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  4. User Score


    August 3rd, 2016 Edited

    I am disappointed with their services. Poor customer service, time consuming.
    Why don’t they list down earlier that documents do they want us to provide instead of doing it step by step? Their form not ask for some information! After completed it then received calling from them said that fail to contact this and that, we dont accept mobile no bla bla bla. Why don’t state this in your form earlier? After verify my previous employment they just sent an email to me ask for Government Tax Forms, Pay Slips, Certificate of employment, Letter of offer, Acceptance of resignation, EPF statement. Please, just state this earlier so that people could prepare it.
    I am not sure other country but who will bring along their EPF statement around? Especially for people who just graduate with almost 2 years working experience? Acceptance of resignation, I never get back my resign letter after I submitted to HR, tax form – how can a freshy which lesser than 2k salary get the tax from gov? This is insecure for giving all of these privacy documents.

    ****Their customer service, the number provided in their email cannot be contacted. It is a hotline number which you never can contact to them! Request them to call back thru but never called, nvm.. not even a reply in the email!

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  5. User Score


    June 14th, 2016

    The company employees repeatedly ask for the same information.
    They fail to communicate internally.
    Their information on file is consistently inaccurate.

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