has been incorporated since 2002. They provide private investigator assisted background checks, criminal records, employee screenings, tenant screenings, and international criminal background checks, among others. They have been featured in magazines, the radio, television, trade journal, tech publications, interviews, and blogs. The reports are created by utilizing several different databases. In the coming years, they hope to gain and maintain significant market saturation by continuing to provide the best information at a low cost.


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The Good

  • Several services
  • Customizable plans
  • Private investigators offer a wide range of services that are pre-packaged and customizable plans. The options that they offer are:

  • Lawyer/Attorney Background Check
  • Build Your Own Background Check
  • Medical/Doctor/Dentist Background Check
  • Basic Background Check
  • Employment Background Check
  • Tenant Background Check
  • Civil Background Check
  • Business/Company Background Check
  • International Background Check
  • Centurion Background Check
  • Pastor/Minister/Rabbi Background Check
  • Broker/Accountant Background Check
  • Dating/Premarital Background Check
  • Puerto Rico Background Check
  • Contractor Background Check
  • Child/Elderly/Nanny Background Check
  • Canada Background Check
  • Due Diligence Standard Background Check
  • Due Diligence Executive Background Check
  • Due Diligence Venture Capitalist Background Check

With over 20 different background checks you are sure to find information  you need about a specific individual. Those listed are just the options they have under the background checks. It does not include the more specified options of criminal records, people locators, Canada’s searches, Federal and Civil records, asset record, marriage/divorce records, and driving records.

They report that their searches are conducted by licensed private investigators using their number of databases that they have access to. There are no instant searches because investigator assisted research is all that occurs. Having an investigator help you along the process so that you are receiving information that is correct. They offer live online chat assistance which can help you choose the best types of checks and ensure that you are receiving the attention that you need.

The Bad

  • No free trial

Unfortunately, Find Out The Truth does not offer free trials of its services.

The Bottom Line has a wide range of options for you to choose what will work best for you and your situation. They have varying prices so that they list openly, versus having to register which many and offer up your contact information. There is no rating for the company nor are they accredited which can raise concern.

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