eVerify is an online background check company that began in 2003. They are a large company that has different affiliations and partnering companies. They specifically focus on reports including criminal records, people searches, background checks, and social media for individuals. Their marketing suggests that private investigators are astronomically expensive and that their online searches can collect data from government and private search listings to find virtually anyone in the United States. Their search reports are comprehensive, complete and always contain updated information for their customers. They also allow their customers to start searching for individuals with very little start information. As their website states, there are over one billion records in their instant nationwide search system and they allow customers access to data from multiple databases to compile the most comprehensive reports available.


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The Good

  • Simple purchasing plan
  • Free trial period
  • Good customer support
  • Many search types and screening services

eVerify has one of the simplest purchasing plans especially when compared to other competing people search engines. A single report that includes basic background checks information is available for purchase for $19.95. A subscription to become a member at eVerify is also available for $19.95 per month. The subscription allows for unlimited access to any individual search or background instant reports. Customers also have the ability to purchase the subscription but cancel it anytime they want to by contacting customer support.

One huge benefit offered is their free trial period for their customers. Unlike other background check companies, they have a long free trial period of five days. This allows customers to try out the reports and make an educated decision whether or not they are the right company for them. However, signing up for the free trial period automatically signs customers up for the membership subscription after the trial period is over. If a customer wants to cancel that subscription they will be billed the $19.95 cost of a single instant report.

eVerify also has a good customer support staff that is available to answer any questions or concerns a customer might have. They are available through phone or through online contact form that can be submitted and quickly returned with answers. Online reviews state that the customer support department is dedicated to helping customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are friendly and easy to work with when customers contact them for help.

Another benefit they have to offer its customers is their varying search types. A customer using them to search for an individual can start with only a name and a vague state location and get results. If that information is unknown, phone numbers, address, or even email address can be used to search for an individual. This gives customers a variety of ways to search for the people they are looking for. With the purchase of a subscription customers are also provided with more ways to conduct searches such as birthday, death date, and more. In addition to the numerous search type options, there are also many screening services available to include in the reports. The four main type of screenings they conduct are background checks, social media, and criminal records and people searches. Each of these reports includes but are not limited to; arrest or warrants, sex offender status, photos, blogs, address history, marriage or divorce records, property records, mug shots, relatives, associates and much more.

Accucom, eVerify’s parent company, is a big data company specializing in subscription-based services and housed public data throughout the country. Their goal is to gather and make public information accessible for everyone. They gather tons of records from courthouses, registries, law enforcement resources, and the World Wide Web and compile this information in their corporate databases. Here are some of the public records that Accucom maintains as part of their big data paradigm:

  • Criminal Records
  • Arrest/Warrant Records
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Contract Details public online
  • Court Records
  • Census information
  • Other publicly available records such as debt and tax levies and liens.

Accucom maintains its records with many different “brands,” including:

  • CriminalPages
  • Email Tracer
  • Everify
  • GovRecordsAccess
  • InfoPay
  • InfoRegistry
  • ReversePhoneCheck
  • Tenant Detector

The Bad

  • Not a Consumer Reporting Agency

Like some other background check companies, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act they are not considered a Consumer Reporting Agency. This mean customers can’t use eVerify for employment, credit or tenant screening or any other uses as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Unlike other competing background check companies though, eVerify does have partnering companies that can provide background reports for these purposes. This can make choosing their website as the source for an online background check limited in its uses. Other websites might have similar partnering companies that broaden their ability and services that they provide to their customers. They are unfortunately limited in that it  can only provide reports for reasons not defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act such as a relative or friend search, classmate, or other people searching reasons.

The Bottom Line

eVerify is very similar to other competing online background check companies. They offer their customers simple pricing with the options to purchase either single instant reports or to subscribe to monthly payments with unlimited searches and reports. They offer a five day free trial period that is longer than most other companies. They also have excellent customer service that is available to contact through phone or through an online form to fill out. The company uses many different search types that allow for customers to find individuals with varying months of information starting with just a name and a vague state location. Phone numbers, email address and a physical address can also be used when searching for an individual. They also have many different screening services including for social media, background checks, people searches, and criminal records. They are not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and can’t be used for credit, employment, or tenant screenings themselves. eVerify is a good online background check company that has many benefits to their customers.

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    October 21st, 2015

    Pulled information on everybody wth the same name but not the report I really needed. Didn’t work money I should have throwed out the window it would have helped someone at least.

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  2. User Score


    February 18th, 2015 Dublin, CA

    Unable to cancel trial. No customer service available

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