The company was founded in 2002, and incorporated the following year. There currently are just four states that offer the Giggle stores: Three in California, three in New York, one in Connecticut and one in Illinois. This store offers everything required for a new baby. From furniture to car gear, clothing to toys, bath time to accessories, Giggle has it all.

The Good

  • Structured system
  • Unique items
  • Everything you need

Structured System

The company uses a structured system in checking all toy items and clothing before placing them on the shelves. There are seven criteria that each item must pass before going up for sale. The more an item meets the required criteria, the better chance it has of reaching the shelves. Online and in-store shoppers can rest assured that every item purchased is completely baby safe.

Unique Items

Another plus is uniqueness-with so few stores, it is unlikely to see other kids wearing your purchases. Your baby can stand out from the crowd in something special.

Everything you Need

Giggle is so much more than just clothes. The store prides itself on stocking everything needed for that little bundle of joy. Furniture, car seats and strollers, diapers and diapers, absolutely everything you can think of-and probably some things you didn’t know you would need!

The Bad

  • Higher prices
  • Online

Higher Prices

The prices are a bit higher. While it is expected that a baby boutique that takes extra care to ensure the safety of babies would ask more for their inventory, to some, this is a turn-off.


Ordering from the Internet is required for many states, due to just a handful of brick and mortar stores. This may produce slower shipment and arrival times, and should be factored in for time-sensitive purchases.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the boutique is a great option those searching for all things baby. Giggle offers safe and reliable products that aren’t common in every state. Your baby’s wardrobe can be just as unique as his little personality, setting him apart from the crowd. Giggle is the website I would order from for baby needs.

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