The Children’s Place opened its’ doors in Syracuse, New Jersey in 1988. Today, every state in America has access to the store, along with Canada and Puerto Rico. In addition to these retail stores, many states have The Children’s Place Outlet stores as well. Their online stores allow access to thousands of items, along with a secure money-back guarantee.

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The Good

  • Time in business
  • Return policy

Time in Business

The Children’s Place has been around for a substantial amount of time now, and parents keep returning because of solid customer service, fashionable clothing lines and fair prices. The website presents items in an easy-to find layout, with new arrivals, sales and clearance items. Clothes and accessories are divided by boys and girls, and further separate it by age and then item type. After selecting the item, such as shorts, web surfers can further define their shorts search by cost, size and color.

Return Policy

In addition to the user friendly layout The Children’s Place has a solid returns policy in place. There are options for a receipt return or exchange, an exchange with no receipt and returns by mail. These fair policies leave shoppers at ease.

The Bad

The Bottom Line

TCP has been clothing America’s babies for nearly 30 years. The collections reflect today’s fashions, style and comfort in bright, fun colors and prints. With a solid, approachable returns policy, shoppers can feel confident of a no-hassle exchange or return. I recommend this store and its’ online store based on its’ solid customer service, high-quality and fashionable lines.

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    January 30th, 2017 Toronto, OH

    I love your clothes, but due to the poor experience not once, not twice but three times I will no longer be shopping at your store or online. I have tried using multiple gift cards on your website just to be charge multiple times to my bank account. I tried calling about my gift card only to get a poor excuse or told thet cant help me. I call to cancel my order within the time frame and am told I can’t cancel my order. I am very disappointed with my experience. So I will no longer shop at your store or online until you make this right. I will be giving you a horrible review on multiple sites until this is fixed and will keep reposting if you delete or do not fix this.

    A very upset and disappointed customer

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    October 3rd, 2016 San Lorenzo, CA

    I think it’s ridiculous that the children’s place does not accept returns or exchanges without a receipt. I was given 3 of the same pair of shoes as a gift from my baby shower and i did not have a receipt to return them or exchange and they did not let me return/exhange without a receipt even though both shoes had all it’s original tags on them. Never shopping there again.

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