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State Farm is one of the nation’s leading insurance companies as they have been around the block a time or two in their 92 years of service. One of the leading aspects of the company is their network of agents across the nation and Canada, and also that they take pride in serving others, such as taking part in community help efforts across the nation.

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The Good

  • Coverage features
  • Price range
  • Service coverage
  • Discounts
  • Online support

Coverage Features

The coverage options are fairly thorough and should meet the needs of most consumers. All of the essential options are available, from liability and medical payments to car rental and emergency road service. Besides auto insurance, State Farm offers a wide range of other types of insurance and services to cover home, property, health, life and many other needs. In fact, there’s very little they don’t offer. Besides insurance, they also offer a wide range of banking and financial services.

  • Liability Coverage (Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability) pays out damages to another individual and their property should the policyholder be at-fault. This covers damage to the other’s personal property and loss of its use, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Medical Payments Coverage pays a reasonable amount for necessary medical and/or funeral expenses should the policyholder or any passengers be harmed in an accident.
  • Collision Coverage pays for damages caused to the covered vehicle in the event of a collision with another vehicle or objects, as well as rollovers.
  • Comprehensive Coverage will protect the vehicle should a natural disaster occur, damaging the vehicle, as well as protection from theft, vandalism and colliding with animals.
  • Un/Underinsured Motorist Coverage pays for damages to the policy holder’s vehicle caused by drivers without, or with little, protection. It also covers necessary medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering for the owner and any passengers injured in the event of an accident.
  • Car Rental and Travel Expenses Coverage helps pay for a rental when the damaged vehicle is in the shop for repairs after a collision. Daily allowances and limits vary by state.
  • Emergency Road Service is an add-on option providing members with towing, mechanical labor, gas and oil delivery, flat tire assistance, locksmiths, and even jumpstarts. There are two coverage options: Coverage H, which State Farm will carry the financial burden, or basic, which will provide the policyholder with a competitive rate negotiated by the company.

Price Range

Despite being one of the largest insurance companies on the market, State Farm manages to offer reasonable rates ranging from $184 to $230, which puts them in line with smaller, more aggressive insurance companies. They also offer a few good discounts, such as vehicle safety, safe driving, multiple lines, and good student discounts that can save policyholders a good bit of money on their premiums, while encouraging good driving and responsible behavior.

Service Coverage

State Farm offers their products and services in all 50 states and throughout Canada, with 18,000 agent offices. Prospective policyholders are going to be able to find an agent somewhere nearby, so sitting down face-to-face to discuss policy options is easier with State Farm than with almost any other insurance company. For people who prefer to deal directly with another human being, it’s hard to beat State Farm.


  • Accident-free
  • Defensive driving course
  • Student away at school
  • Good driving
  • Driver training
  • Good student
  • Vehicle safety
  • Passive restraint
  • Anti-theft
  • Multiple-auto
  • Multiple-line
  • Drive safe and save
  • Steer clear

Online Support

Most websites that aggregate reviews of State Farm products and services give the company higher than average marks. The most common praise seems to be directed at State Farm agents who often go out of their way to help customers. Many people love having the personal connection with a local agent who is available to answer questions and meet needs at a moment’s notice. This certainly helps to eliminate the feeling that customers are dealing with a big faceless organization. Overall, this seems to be a particular strength of State Farm.

The Bad

  • Response time
  • Limited educational materials

Response Times

State Farms receives many compliments online about the hard work and personal touch of local agents, but there have been hundreds of complaints across a number of websites about the response time from claims representatives. It seems that many claims have been processed slowly. Though it is difficult to tell just how common this problem is, there are enough complaints about it that consumers should be aware of this. It might be possible that once you go beyond the local agent, the sheer size of the company becomes a problem, and some customers feel like they get lost in the shuffle at that point.

Limited Educational Materials

Online, State Farm has a learning and resource center that is helpful but a bit on the slim side compared to the websites of many of their competitors. While it offers a good deal of basic information about many of their products and services, it could certainly go into quite a bit more detail. Perhaps they expect local agents to fill in these details, but for those who like to do their research online, they will wish there was more available on the State Farm website.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, State Farm is a massive company that manages to make a personal connection with their customers through the availability of local agents. This is possible because of the sheer number of agents across the country, in every state and throughout Canada. This is a huge mark in their favor because it means customer have a personal connection with the company, which can make things less stressful in case of an accident or emergency.

State Farm rates are reasonable, though there are certainly more affordable options out there. They provide some good discounts, though some companies offer more extensive discount options. However, consumers are still likely to find what they are looking for at State Farm. Overall, the company offers stability, good rates and a personal touch, and despite being a massive company and they have managed to resolve thousands of customer complaints.

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  1. User Score


    June 5th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

    We used to have State Farm and they really hurt my family. My husband was involved in a major accident. State Farm didn’t represent us like they should have because they had interests on both sides. I really regret not getting a lawyer more involved. I would not recommend State Farm to anyone.

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  2. User Score


    June 1st, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

    I was with State Farm for many years, had all of my children on it as they got older as well. About ten years ago I was hit as a pedestrian by a car. I had the little pedestrian light to go and everything. I had to be rushed to the hospital and have had major leg and back issues all of these years. State Farm was both of our insurances. It took years in courts, and I didn’t receive what I needed. My work requires me to be physically capable, and I was not able to work for a long time because of this wreck. I lost the home I built with my wife and raised my children in because of this wreck. When State Farm decided that I didn’t deserve the help I needed to put my life back together after this person hit me with their vehicle, I decided it was time to move on. I would never recommend anyone use them.

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  3. User Score


    May 27th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

    Incredibly expensive. Spend less on advertising and massive buildings and put that money towards those you ensure.

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  4. User Score


    February 25th, 2016 Little Elm, TX

    I have a claim number and called the number I was given. Auto telephone system on hold for at least 10 min. When I get to talk to a rep. How may I help you? I ask what the process was to get my car fixed. How may I help you. Are you new? No Takes all my information again. It had already been given to State Farm by the policy holder. I could not even get simple ? answered. For example What do I need to do to get my car fixed? Horrible Horrible.

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