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Liberty Mutual’s origin goes back to a 1911 state law in Massachusetts that required employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance. The company was originally called the Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association to help meet that requirement. In 1914, they began offering auto insurance, and in 1917, the name was changed to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Over the years, the company has continued to grow, offering a wider range of products and services. They now offer everything from auto and homeowners insurance to workers’ comp and commercial insurance. Liberty Mutual has acquired a number of smaller companies, including Safeco Corp. and Wausau Insurance. Through local insurance companies owned or affiliated with Liberty Mutual, the company offers policies in many countries, including but not limited to Brazil, India, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.


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The Good

Liberty Mutual has had a long, stable history for over 100 years, so potential customers are not getting a fly-by-night operation, and the company offers a variety of insurance policies to meet the varying needs of different consumers. Some highlights of their auto insurance coverage include a teen driver discount, unlimited rental coverage, and their exclusive Better Car Replacement program. Liberty Mutual is the third largest insurance company in the United States, with net premiums totaling over $21 million. Currently, Liberty Mutual stands at #76 on the Fortune 500 list, with annual revenue over $38.5 billion. Other benefits include:

Coverage Features:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • New Car Replacement
  • Medical Payments
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Better Car Replacement
  • Rental Car reimbursement
  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee

Better Car Replacement coverage means if your car is totaled in an accident, Liberty Mutual will not just replace the car but provide enough money to purchase a car of the same model that is one year newer with 15,000 fewer miles on the odometer. This ensures that policyholders wind up with a better car, which is a great feature and one that is fairly unique to Liberty Mutual.
In case of an accident, customers can file a claim over the phone, online or through their mobile phone for maximum convenience. Once the claim has been filed, it is possible to track it online. In fact, customers can send photos and documents, find appraisal information, and do many other things online through their personal account.

Price Range:

Liberty’s auto policies cost $151.

Service Coverage:

Liberty Mutual is available to residents in 49 states, excluding Florida.


Liberty Mutual offers a good number of discounts, including some that are rare or unique to this company. Examples of this include a new graduate discount, which encourages students to complete their education, a newly married discount, a new move discount and a newly retired discount. Although they don’t have the widest number of discounts compared to other major auto insurance companies, they do have an impressive array of them.

  • Multi-policy – Bundling with Auto, Home and/or Life
  • Exclusive Group Savings – For members of over 14,000 employers and groups
  • Preferred Payment – Added discount for paying in full
  • New Customer – Switching from another provider
  • Vehicle Safety Features – Anti-theft devices, adaptive cruise control and more
  • Hybrid Vehicle – When minimizing carbon footprints
  • Multi-car – Protects more than a single vehicle
  • Teen Drivers – For parents with new drivers in the home
  • Good Student – Discounts for students 25 or younger achieving at least a “B” average
  • New Graduate – For those who have earned their degrees
  • Newly Married – Discounts for newlyweds
  • New Move – Special savings for immediately updating your new address
  • Newly Retired – Special discounts for those who’ve earned it by working until retirement

Liberty Mutual’s policy rates are competitive, which is to say they are perfectly acceptable and comparable to many of their competitors. Coupled with the range of discounts, consumers should be able to get an affordable premium that meets all of their needs. Also, the company 100% guarantees any repairs done to your vehicle at one of their Guaranteed Repair Network locations. Repairs can be tracked online, and policyholders receive priority status for all repair work.

File/Track Claims:

Liberty Mutual offers a free app for iPhones and Android phones that gives access to many of these same features. In case of an accident, the claim can be filed, pictures of damage taken and uploaded, location of the accident mapped on GPS, and a voice message created to store key information all through the mobile app. It is user friendly with a simple layout. Also, Liberty Mutual has a reputation for processing claims fairly quickly, and the addition of a convenient app only makes the process that much faster.

Claims may be filed over the phone, online or with the mobile app. Tracking is available through the mobile app.


Liberty Mutual has been offering an insurance product for automobiles since 1914.

The Bad

Though Liberty Mutual offers an extensive range of products and coverage types, there are some specialty insurance types that they do not seem to offer. Examples of this would include recreational vehicle coverage, farm insurance, fifth-wheel trailer coverage and wedding insurance. Consumers looking for these and similar kinds of coverage will have to look elsewhere. Other limitations include:


It should be pointed out that policy rates are not particularly impressive. They are comparable to other insurance companies but by no means among the lowest. There are definitely more affordable rates out there, so consumers who are chiefly interested in saving money will want to look elsewhere.

Rates seem to have gone up substantially compared to other companies. In fact, Liberty Mutual seems to raise their insurance rates fairly constantly, and the raises in cost are not small. Though the company was praised for offering a wide number of discounts, this is somewhat negated by the constant rate increases. There are plenty of insurance companies who offer fewer discounts but cheaper rates for across-the-board savings.

Customer Support:

There are many complaints about Liberty Mutual not providing 24-hour customer support. Online and mobile phone options can be accessed at any time, so customers can acquire emergency assistance or file a claim at any time. However, actually talking directly to an agent or claims representative seems to be a challenge during off hours. Customer service does not seem to be as good as other places, and complaints are widespread.

Current Customer Frustrations:

Though Liberty Mutual seems committed to resolving complaints filed, there are hundreds and hundreds of complaints across dozens of websites from frustrated customers who found it difficult to speak directly to the company to resolve complaints. With a company known for raising rates and changing policy features from year to year, this is particularly problematic.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Liberty Mutual is a stable company with a long history offering reasonable rates on a wide variety of insurance types. They provide some nice and even unique discounts for policyholders, encouraging safe driving, school performance, safer vehicles and environmental responsibility. In fact, for the full range of products offered, particularly on the personal side, it is tough to beat Liberty Mutual. This makes it a suitable choice for all of your auto insurance needs.

Liberty Mutual’s policies include a range of discounts, so consumers should be able to get an automobile policy which meets all of their needs. Also, the company 100% guarantees any repairs done to your vehicle at one of their Guaranteed Repair Network locations. Repairs can be tracked online, and policyholders receive priority status for all repair work.

However, consumers looking for the most affordable policy might want to look elsewhere. Liberty Mutual is not the cheapest by any means. Also, customers looking for the most convenient company to work with should know that there are many complaints regarding customer service issues. However, the company does provide convenient online and mobile phone access for most needs.

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    May 4th, 2016 Orem, UT

    I have been with Liberty Mutual for both auto insurance and renters/homeowners insurance for years, and every time I shop around I can’t find any company that can beat the rates I am getting along with the great service and good coverage.

    I consistently get really good customer service when I call in, I can get a hold of my local agent if I really need to , which I rarely do because the 1-800 service center always takes really good care of me.

    I just added my 2 teenage boys to my auto policy, and amazingly after all of the discounts we qualified for, the rate is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact it’s a really good rate that I thrilled with! Maybe its because we have been with them so long, but whatever the reason I am a very happy customer and very pleased with the rates I pay, the service I receive, and the coverage provided. I am a very satisfied Liberty Mutual customer!

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