Kemper Direct is part of the Kemper family of companies that makes up one of the nation’s leading insurers. There are over 6,000 dedicated Kemper associates available to help customers in need. Kemper Direct is represented by more than 20,000 independent agencies which sell insurance nationwide. With over $8 billion in assets, Kemper is able to provide personalized and custom insurance solutions to individuals, families, and businesses.

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The Good

  • Coverage and enhancements
  • Policy management
  • Auto discounts

Coverage and Enhancements

In addition to providing standard coverage to their clients (such as collision or liability coverage), Kemper Direct has developed coverage and enhancement plans to provide a more comprehensive coverage. There are three different plans and coverage options. All can be purchased if desired. Coverage and enhancement plans include: Protect Your Wallet, Protect Your Sanity, and Protect Your Family plans. Details for what each plan covers can be found below in the more information section.

Policy Management

In years past, auto insurance customers had to reach out to a claims specialist following an accident in order to get their money they need to cover various costs. However, with Kemper Direct, a customer can manage their account entirely online. That means bills can be paid, policy terms can be reviewed and renewed, and claims can be filed at any time. Claims can also be tracked as they go through the various steps leading up to reimbursement.

Auto Discounts

In an effort to make premiums and monthly payments more affordable, Kemper Direct provides a number of auto insurance discounts. That being said, the customer must be eligible and meet various requirements for the discounts to be applied. Discounts include: multi-policy discount, network discount, free-a-tree discount, happily married discount, preferred payer discount, retro loyalty discount, and the safe and sound discount.

The Bad

  • Available in only half of the country
  • Higher rates


While Kemper Direct claims to offer a national service, they only operate in twenty-six states. States where Kemper Direct can be found include: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Higher Rates

Kemper Direct may not be the most affordable or “cheap” auto insurance option. While they offer high quality coverage, their rates also depict that service. On average, Kemper Direct rates are a bit higher than other providers.

The Bottom Line

Kemper Direct provides auto and home insurance to half of the United States. They provide a number of coverage options and discounts to their customers. Residents in one of the twenty-six operational states would likely benefit from conducting further research into the Kemper Direct service. Specific rate information will be available after a free quote is obtained.

More Information

Types of Coverage

With Kemper Direct, customers can take advantage of traditional auto insurance as well as coverage enhancements for a more complete coverage option. Types of coverage and plans available to those looking for auto insurance include:

  • Protect Your Wallet
    • Renewal assurance: assures that you are always able to renew your policy barring any major accidents.
    • Accident forgiveness: protects you from rate changes due to an accident on an otherwise safe driving record, even if you are at fault.
  • Protect Your Sanity
    • Roadside assistance: provides help when you need a tire change, run out of gas, need a jumpstart, get locked out, or need towing services
    • Rental car reimbursement: reimbursement of up to $30 a day when your vehicle is out of commission.
    • Trip interruption: if you are traveling and experience an accident or mechanical issue, up to $600 in expenses will be available if you are over 100 miles from home.
  • Protect Your Family
    • Pet protection: get up to $2,000 in medical expense coverage for your pets who are injured in an accident.
    • Enhanced car seat replacement: children’s car seats are eligible to be replaced after a covered accident regardless of damage with no deductible required.
    • Dependent protection: up to $1,000 in daycare costs if a covered accident leaves you unable to care for your child.


With the number of discounts made available to Kemper Direct customers, premiums and rates can be made more affordable. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, Kemper Direct customers can take advantage of the following discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount: with more than one policy, you can bundle and save.
  • Network discount: refer a friend and get a 10% discount.
  • Free-a-tree discount: go green and save on your auto insurance.
  • Happily married discount: married customers with legally recognized civil unions and domestic partnerships can qualify.
  • Preferred payer discount: the more you pay up-front, the more you save.
  • Retro loyalty discount: switch over to Kemper and save.
  • Safe and sound discount: with two named insureds on our policy with at least one driver over the age of 18 and save money.

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