Alfa Insurance was founded in 1946 by the Alabama Farmer’s Federation as a way to insure the Alabama farming community. They are currently available in eleven states of the mid-east and southern United States. With a client base of over 1 Million policies and financial service products, Alfa Insurance has a proven track record.

Policies written by Alfa do not include as many discounts which are available from other companies, but most of the standard discounts are available to policyholders.

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The Good


Alfa Insurance has been operating continuously since 1946 and is currently rated as an A+ Long Term Insurance Company.

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Coverage Features

Alfa Insurance offers their customers the basic coverages for their automobile insurance needs. The required minimums vary per state, so customers should contact their local agent for specifics about offered coverages.

  • Property damage – Yes
  • Bodily injury liability – Yes
  • Uninsured motorist – Yes
  • Personal injury
  • Collision – Yes
  • Comprehensive – Yes
  • Medical payments – Yes
  • Rental – Yes – optional upgrade
  • Emergency road service – Yes – optional upgrade
Service Coverage

Alfa offers their insurance products in the following states Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Community involvement

An area in which Alfa insurance excels is their community involvement and support. They offer college scholarships through the ALFA Foundation Scholarship Foundation, discounts on car seats to the community, and are active on social media channels, sharing helpful tips, videos, etc. which are designed to help families keep themselves safe. While not directly measure as a criteria for rating a company, the Review Team is impressed with the level of community service provided by Alfa Insurance.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

At the writing of this review, the headquarters of Alfa Insurance has been graded with an A+ grade by eh Better Business Bureau. This rating illustrates that a company has maintained a reputation of high-quality customer service. In this instance, there have been no complaints filed against Alfa Insurance during the last three years.

It is important to note that while the company headquarters has this rating, individual agencies may be rated with a different BBB rating.

The Bad

Price Range

Alfa Insurance was not able to provide a base quote for auto insurance without obtaining significant personal information. While nearly every auto insurance company uses credit and driver records to finalize insurance quotes, the Review Team was not able to get even a base price from Alfa. This absence hurts the final rating which the Review Team is able to issue. The company’s explanation is valid, however, in that they do not provide base quotes so that their customers are always aware of their prices and are not unpleasantly surprised by a higher-than-expected final cost for auto insurance.


Alfa Insurance does not offer as many of the industry-common discounts as do the majority of their competitors. They do offer a few beyond what the Review Team looks for in a policy. Most would not likely switch their auto insurance carrier to Alfa exclusively for their discounts.

  • Safe driver – No
  • Accident forgiveness – No
  • Good student – No (Defensive Driver/Driver Education discounts are available in some areas)
  • Multi-vehicle – Yes
  • Pay in full – No discount is offered, but customers can pay for their policy for the entire term (6 months) or arrange other payment plans

Additional discounts which are available to Alfa policyholders include:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Life Discount
  • Previous Insurance Discount
  • Homeowners Discount
File/Track Claims

Customers are not able to file and track the status of their auto claims online as is available with many other companies. At most, they can email their information to an agent. The company does not offer online tracking of claims. Current policyholders can report a claim, using Alfa’s automated customer service phone number, via a live agent or by email.

The Bottom Line

Alfa Insurance has many redeeming features. Their time in business and perfect record with the Better Business Bureau are both impressive. Their community involvement is admirable. Offering discounted and safe child restraint seats is a definitive positive in the features available by Alfa Insurance.

There are reasons which one might not want to choose Alfa Insurance. Without having a base price for a basic policy, some people might be concerned about pricing. In reality, there are so many features which are factored into the formulas used by insurance agents to obtain pricing information, that, while helpful, is really not more than a vague estimate.

The company’s discounts are more limited than those offered by many of their competitors. As such, customers may find that their price for auto insurance may be higher than if they selected a company with more available discounts. It is not possible for the Review Team to determine if this lack of available discounts will have a certain outcome on rates.

Customers looking for basic auto insurance coverage in the states which Alfa servers should at least compare pricing options against other insurance companies, with their specific information in the quote. The Review Team recommends Alfa Insurance for consideration, with the understanding that some of the information used to rate a company is not as readily available. The company’s communication and transparency are admirable and appreciated by the Review Team.

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