ThoughtAudio is a site that produces audio books that are classical literature and philosophical. They have two plans; one consisting of limited access with no cost and the other with top downloading speed and a cost of ten dollars a year. They mainly offer books on history, philosophy, and classic literature. 

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The Good

  • Free access to many titles
  • Zip Pass

ThoughtAudio provides free access to professionally produced classic literature and philosophy titles from their public website. Since they have a large global listener base it is necessary to make their free files accessible to everyone - not just those with high speed internet service. However, they also offer an option for high bandwidth customers to purchase a Zip Pass - priced at a single flat fee of $10 (usd) per year. They continue to populate the Zip Pass page with new titles they produce so the site will have more than 100+ audiobooks to choose from. The site does not stay the exact same - they produce more books to put them on the site so it is ever changing.

The Bad

  • No search engine
  • Lack of information
  • Limited language options

There is no search engine within the site. This makes it extremely difficult and time consuming to look for a book. The books are also not listed in any sort of alphabetical order by title or author. While looking for a book you basically have to go page to page, looking at every title in order to find the one you are looking for. They also have a limited selection so the chance that ThoughtAudio has the book you are looking for is pretty slim.

There is also not a lot of information on their site. We couldn't find very much information on the number of audiobooks they offer, when the company was founded, or any background information about the founders. We wish there was more content on their site.

As far as we can tell, they only offer audiobooks in English. We also could not find any apps for ThoughtAudio. Many people like to listen to audiobooks on their phone, and apps help facilitate that.

The Bottom Line

You get the opportunity to listen to classic literature and philosophical pieces for free. If you want to have a faster download you can purchase the Zip Pass that is just ten dollars a year. ThoughtAudio's selection is limited, but they do work to add more titles to their selection. Maybe trying to listen to a book for free would help you decide if ThoughtAudio is for you.

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