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Storynory was founded by Hugh Fraser and Matthew Lynn. They met at Oxford University in the 1980s where they both worked on Isis, the student magazine. In 1995 they founded a company to help businesses in the emerging area of social media. Over lunch they discussed branching out into their own publishing business. Podcasts were very new and interesting at that time and Hugh had a background in radio. Mathew said that his children listened to audio in the car and enjoyed it. Storynory was then created. Natasha was their first narrator and has become a huge hit.

The Storynory website reflects the nature of their books. It’s very easy to navigate, and has lots of drawings / pictures of characters.

The Good

Storynory has several different categories. Their categories include the following

  • Original stories
  • Fairy tales
  • Classic audio books
  • Education stories
  • Myths and world stories
  • Junior stories
  • Poems and music

The narrators love what they do and work to help children love books.

Children have loved the original stories that Storynory has created. The narrator’s voice is lively and the stories are modern so children have loved listening. You get to hear original stories plus other children’s favorites free of cost. Not only do the children love to hear their favorite narrators, but Storynory has artists who create pictures for the children to view while listening.

The stories come with an HTML5 audio player that has the ability to work on mobile phones, tablets, and most desktop browsers. You can download the stories on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, through Microsoft Windows, and on a variety of podcasts. You and your child can listen to your favorite stories almost anytime and anywhere.

Compared to other sites that offer free audiobooks, Storynory is easy to navigate and provides a lot of information on their site / founders.

The Bad

This site is specifically catered to children. If you do not listen to children’s stories and you do not have children this site is not going to work for you. Storynory, also, is not rated by the Better Business Bureau, and they are not accredited. To be accredited by the BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and the BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. This makes questions begin to emerge. Why have they not applied? Would they not pass the standards?

While we like that you can comment on stories and employee pages, some of the comments are a little odd. We suggest they maybe have a comment moderation process and only accept helpful comments that make sense. Comments are great to have, but many of their comments look like spam.

The Bottom Line

Storynory is a great site for children’s audio stories. They even contain original stories with narrators that love what they are doing. Their creative illustrations help keep the the children’s attention and make listening to a story even more fun. This site is not really helpful if you do not have young children because its purpose is to help get children to love books.

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