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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Scribl was previously known as "Podiobooks" before it changed its brand in May 2017. The original name "podiobook" was coined by Evo Terra in April 2005 to describe serialized audiobooks which are distributed via RSS, like a podcast.

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The Good

  • Free Books
  • Device Compatibility
  • Download and Share Files
  • CrowdPricing System
The audio book versions they make available on Scribl are free of charge. You can listen to a book on your computer or device. All you need to do is when you find a book you want to listen to, you just click on any of the episode links and it will wither download or just start playing on your computer. Or you can subscribe to the book's FSS feed. You can add that feed to Google Play, iTunes, or any other device/program that can act as a podcatcher. Podcatchers read RSS feeds and automatically download enclosed media files which are the book episodes. Downloading and sharing the files you get from the site is not illegal; they actually encourage it. The free episodes of the audio books they offer are made available via a Creative Commons License. With its new brand, Scribl focuses on providing one click audiobook downloads in a higher quality without intro/outro interruptions or ads. Scribl gives consumers the option to either listen to free audiobooks with ads included or purchase an ad-free audiobook to support favorite authors. The company launched a new system called CrowdPricing that accompanies the new brand. With CrowdPricing, Scribl is able to set prices for each audiobook based on how "fellow fans rate the work." The more popular a title is, the higher the price and vice versa. On its website, Scribl claims that the higher prices indicate the higher quality of the audiobook. When an audiobook is purchased, consumers get the ebook version for no additional cost.

The Bad

  • Slow downloading
  • Lack of content

Some files can take a lot of time downloading. The files served up on Scribl are done by the people at Liberated Syndication. Trying to balance out the load the files are moved around to different parts of their network which causes the process to be slowed down dramatically. What really makes Scribl stand out is their lack of content. While other free sites provides thousands of books to the public, Scribl only boasts a little over 200. When you contrast this to sites that charge per book, and offer over 100,000 titles, Scribl can't compare.


The Bottom Line

Scribl gives you the opportunity to listen to books free of charge. There are a couple of ways to listen and download the books so you have the choice of what works the best for you. The service is free so you could try to give it a shot.
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Jennifer Vanella Pittsburgh, PA

It's a service that offers " Unlimited books * but read the fine print. It's a scam in the sense that they block you from books, " Encouraging you" to sign up and wait another month after you read 1 -2 books. Then they tell you basically if you can get in contact " sorry you have to wait we are working the kinks out" and sadly? They never get worked out.

3 years ago

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Michael Seth Manwaring Chandler, AZ

Signed up but didn't find enough useful content for my needs or taste. Perhaps this is an obscure or niche source, but the focus appears to be on self-published material.

3 years ago


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Larry Hawker Las Vegas, NV

Have tried your service through a friend. I look forward to downloading the app onto my own cell phone.

4 years ago