In 2012, Barnes & Noble released a new tablet designed mainly for reading books. The Barnes & Noble tablet, Nook, has capabilities similar to computer tablets, including the ability to listen to audiobooks. Today, Nook has an app that is available on the Nook tablet, Windows phones, and Android phones. With their app, people can download ebooks and audiobooks to listen to on the go. Barnes & Noble sold around 5 million Nook tablets in less than a year. Today, the number of people who use Nook continues to grow. While they do feature audiobooks you can purchase, the company mostly sells ebooks.


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The Good

  • High book selection
  • Some free audiobooks
  • No membership fee

The Nook app has over 50,000 titles to choose from- slightly higher than the average. These titles include bestsellers, mystery, and family favorites. Before purchasing a book, the Nook app allows you to sample most of their content for free. There is even a small selection of free audiobooks.

With Nook, there is no membership or subscriber fee. You simply pay for audiobooks as you listen to them. These audiobooks are around the same price you would pay for one audiobook at another company.

Even though Nook audiobooks were created specifically for the Nook tablet, the company also has apps for Android and Windows phone.

We also like that, like most audiobook companies, Nook gives you one free audiobook.

The Bad

  • App can be difficult to use
  • Credit card information required to browse
  • Limited language options

Looking at Nook through the web or their mobile phone apps is difficult to use. While using Nook on a Nook tablet might be easy to use, we wish this translated over into phone apps. On their apps, you can’t browse by topic or genre. When using the app, you can only search for books.

If you try to browse content online, Barnes and Noble makes you input your credit card information just to access the app. Even though they promise to just keep your card on hand, we don’t particularly like the way they do this. They also don’t have a lot of information on their website about the Nook app or Nook audiobooks in general.

Nook only offers audiobooks in English.

The Nook app has a lot of reviews on site and on Google Play. On average, listeners gave it 3.5/5 stars. However, many of the reviewers had the following complaints:

  • Couldn’t get the shop to connect to the internet
  • Couldn’t get the app to work on older Nook tablets
  • There were problems accessing the free audiobook
  • The audiobooks were more expensive than the realized

The biggest downside to choosing Nook is the price. Books cost $15 and up each. Many other audiobook companies offer popular audiobooks for $12-$15.

The Bottom Line

Even though it seems like Nook has a great selection of audiobooks at a decent price, we can’t recommend the Nook app. With a little more transparency, we could see more of their book selection and book prices. Nook also does not have an iOS app, so that limits a large group of people from using their product. Overall, if you want to use Nook for audiobook listening, the best way to do it is with one of their products.

Number of Books

Audible has over 180,000 titles to choose from. They add more titles everyday.

Trial Period

Before signing up for Audible, you can use their free 30-day trial, which translates into one audiobook.

Ways to Listen

You can download, stream, or burn audio to a CD.


Audible offers books in English and Spanish.


The following platforms have Audible apps: Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Kindle, web browsers.


Audible costs $14.95/ month for one download; $22.95/month for two downloads.

App Rating

Their iOS app has many reviews and 4.5/5 stars.

Site Usability

Audible’s website is very easy to use. Right when you get on, they show users that they offer a free 30-day trial, and they have multiple places for users to sign up. They also feature bestsellers, ideas for first-time audiobook listeners, new books, and, once you’re a member, recommendations. We give Audible a 10/10 for site usability.



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