Loyal Books is a free service that provides audiobook and ebook downloads. Before changing their name to Loyal Books, the company was called Books Should Be Free. While the site does not provide a lot of information about the product or company, they do have an email address on their ‘About Us’ page for individuals to get in touch with them. Because Loyal Books only has audiobooks that are in the public domain, their selection is limited. Books become public domain books when no one holds a copyright on them. This means that any company can distribute them for free. Audiobooks on Loyal Books are voiced by volunteers.


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The Good

  • Free content
  • Great apps
  • Many language options

The best thing about Loyal Books is that all the content is free. The site has many ebooks for readers to choose from and over 7,000 audiobooks you can listen to.

Even though they are a small company with a smaller selection, they seem to have put a lot of time into their Android and iOS apps. Their iOS app in particular has 4.5 stars out of 5. Many of the comments say they love the app because they can read and listen to books at the same time. People especially like the sleep timer function on the app. You can stream or download books from the iOS app.

We also like that Loyal Books has audiobooks available in so many languages – 28 in all. This is great for users around the world listening in their native languages, and for users trying to learn a new language. You can download or stream books through their iOS app, which has an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars. the Android app meanwhile has a rating of just over 4 stars out of five. This gives listeners the option to save books to their phone so they don’t waste data, or use the data and save space on their phone for other things.

The Bad

  • Public domain books only
  • Limited selection
  • Lots of ads

Because Loyal Books only offers audiobooks in the public domain, there is a very limited selection of books to choose from. The selection they do have, doesn’t have any newer books (because they are all public domain). So if you’re interested in current, popular literature, you may need to look elsewhere. There is a section on their site that offers Paid Books (Best Sellers, Kid’s Books, Oprah’s Book Club, and Business). However, this section is also very limited.

Loyal Books’ website itself doesn’t make any money on its own, so you will find a lot of ads on site. These can get tiresome to look at and you may accidentally click on them. Likewise, because the site doesn’t generate a lot of revenue, it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Loyal Books only has an app for iOS users. They currently do not offer an Android app.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a particular book to listen to that you know is in the public domain, Loyal Books is a great place to start searching. They have many popular titles that are all available for free. You can download books and listen on your computer, or use their apps, which has great reviews, to listen.

However, if you’re looking for new releases and bestsellers, Loyal Books probably isn’t for you. Audiobook services that cost money have way more options, give suggestions, and have nice looking sites to browse through.

Number of Books

Loyal Books has over 7,000 audiobooks.

Trial Period

Users always have free access to Loyal Books’ library.

Ways to Listen

With audiobooks from Loyal Books, you can download or stream content to various devices.


Loyal Books offers audiobooks in 28 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.


The following platforms have Loyal Books apps: iOS, MP3 download, and RSS Feed.


Loyal Books is free to all users.

App Rating

The Loyal Books iOS app has 4.5/5 stars, but there are only 6 reviews.

Site Usability

While we understand that Loyal Books offers a free product, their site definitely isn’t one of our favorite audiobooks sites. There are a lot of adds and the layout in general makes the site look spamy. It’s great that you can search by languages, genres, or the top 100 audiobooks, but all-in-all, we give Loyal Books a 5/10 for site usability.

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