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LAST UPDATED: October 27th, 2020

Audiobooks Now is a subsidiary of Booksfree - an online book rental company. While Booksfree sends members physical copies of rented books, Audiobooks Now lets users purchase audiobooks. These books can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and online. You can choose to stream or download these books. Members of Audiobooks Now pay for each audiobook they listen to. After paying monthly dues ($5), listeners pay a membership price for each book they listen to. This price ranges from $5-20 per book. Nonmembers pay about 40% more per book. 


The Good

  • Specials and Discounts
  • Low Membership Fee
  • Many User Options

Specials and Discounts

Audiobooks Now began in 2012. In their short life, the company has accumulated over 40,000 audiobooks. They carry many popular books and new releases. They offer books at various prices and have a "Specials" section where they feature books at a discounted price. One thing that sets Audiobooks Now apart from other audiobook companies is that they have a membership fee and a cost per book. This might seem like a bad thing at first, but for those who listen to a lot of audiobooks, it's not.

Lower Membership Fee

The membership fee is very low — just $5 per month. From there, using Audiobooks Now is one of the best ways to listen to more than two audiobooks per month.

Many User Options

We also like the number of ways there are to use Audiobooks Now. You can listen online, through their iOS app, Android app, or Nook app. Each of these apps has average ratings. You can download the audiobooks you buy here straight to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Another thing we like about Audiobooks Now is all the information they give on each book. On each book you can see the following:

  • Author's name
  • Narrator's name
  • Length of audiobook
  • Genre
  • When it was published
  • Full synopsis
  • Compare regular price and club price
  • Recommended books based on the book you're looking at

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The Bad

  • Membership Fee and Book Costs

Membership Fee and Book Costs

While having a membership fee and individual book fee may be good for people who listen to multiple audiobooks each month, it can be expensive for those who do not. Many popular books cost around $15–20 each through Audiobooks Now. This means that if you want to buy two audiobooks a month, you'll pay around $35–45 each month.


The Bottom Line

While we love the number of books Audiobooks Now offers, we feel that the product is too expensive. Other audiobook platforms let you buy two audiobooks per month for around $25 dollars. For two of the same books on Audiobook Books now, you'll be paying around $40.

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Amy Sanders Sterling, VA

Excellent audiobook service. They have a great selection, great prices, and great customer service. I like the option of not having to sign up for a monthly plan to get a great price. It's nice to have the option to download or stream my audiobooks and their site and apps have good features.

3 years ago

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Jim Smalley Martinsburg, WV

AudiobooksNow is awesome. I love the way they do not hide all their pricing behind a credit system like other audiobook service. They have a great selection and I save on every purchase.

3 years ago

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Susan Hamman Indiana, PA

I love this audiobook service. You can't beat their savings and the website and app works well. They also have excellent customer service.

3 years ago

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ken Argyle, MN

worst place I have done biz with. cancelled the subscription. try another place. They bill your CC without knowing for charges you shouldn't have. Customer support extremely had to get ahold of. Never again.

4 years ago


Review Source

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Tom Pleasant Grove, UT

I enjoy getting an audio book for long car trips. This company is easy to use and has a great selection.

3 years ago