is subsidiary of Simply Audiobooks and launched in 2012. When the company first began, they offered unlimited access to audiobooks for their monthly users. A year later, they cancelled their unlimited access plan and only let members listen to one or two audiobooks per month. Even though they have only offered cloud-based audiobooks for a few years, already has a strong customer base - they’ve had over 1 million downloads. has a great blog where you can check out new releases every week. They have an image, expert from the book, and description.


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The Good

  • Large selection
  • User-friendly app
  • Mobile device compatibility has a large selection of popular titles to choose from (over 60,000). When the company was founded three years ago, they only had 11,000 books to choose from. While they don’t have quite as large of a collect as Audible, they do offer a monthly membership for the same price ($14.95) – this covers one audiobook.

Apps from are very user-friendly. You can stream and download music straight from almost any web browser. You can also use your smartphone (Android or iOS) to listen to books. It’s easy to stream or download your books with, so you can listen wherever you go.

Another great thing about is their free 30-day trial. This allows listeners to see if is for them and if it’s something they want to invest in.

Popular news outlets that have featured include the following:

  • Macworld
  • Financial Post
  • USA Today
  • Tuaw
  • Cnet
  • Mashable

The Bad

  • More expensive
  • Subscription options are limited
  • Lacking transparency

Unlike other audiobook subscription companies, only offers one type of subscription. You can sign up for one audiobook per month for $14.95. If you want to listen to any books beyond that, you have to buy credits – points that allow you to purchase audiobooks. While we like that you can listen to one audiobook per month for such a low cost, we wish you didn’t have to pay full price for any additional books each month.

When you’re on the website as a visitor (nonmember), you can’t actually see how much each book is. You only see a “Play it Free” with our 30-day trial button. We wish the company was a little more transparent with their prices.

On their Terms of Use page, states that membership dues and other items are subject to change at’s discretion. They also so that if changes happen, they will be at a pre-specified time, so hopefully they give membership enough time to react.

After your free trial ends, your subscription automatically renews, which means your card will be charged the day after your trial expires without further warning.

The Bottom Line has an excellent selection of books to choose from. When you log onto their website, they show you popular authors and popular books to choose from. You can also browse by genre or bestseller lists. We like how easy-to-use and detailed this website is, even though we wish they were more upfront about books prices for nonmembers. carries a large collection of books. If you’re the type of person who listens to about one audiobook per month, we highly recommend using

Number of Books has over 60,000 titles to choose from. This is a huge leap forward from when they started in 2012 with 11,000 books.

Trial Period

Before signing up for, you can use their free 30-day trial, which translates into one audiobook.

Ways to Listen

You can download or stream books from

Languages offers books in English and Spanish.


The following platforms have apps: Android, iOS, HTML5, and web browsers.

Cost costs $14.95/ month for one download (one book).

App Rating

There are many reviews for’s iOS app. They have an average of 4.5/5 stars for their iOS app.

Site Usability has a simple site that is generally easy to use. They let you browse by genres and other topics both online and on their apps. We do wish the site had a little more information, including the cost of each book. We give an 8/10 for site usability.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    June 13th, 2017 Eugene, OR

    This company is dishonest and will misrepresent the books available and services provided. When I inquired about the bait-and-switch, they cancelled my account. They took no accountability and then bombarded me with sales bitches. Horrible company.

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  2. User Score


    November 24th, 2016

    1. Many of my books that I paid for have disappeared. They closed my account and opened another one just to change my email address. Lost more books.

    2. Unfortunately, was the most constantly used word I heard from the service officer and the supervisor ie Unfortunately we can’t see any of those books therefore you didn’t buy them. Did you get them from another provider? Before this call I didn’t know there were other providers. That’s unfortunate.

    3. Unfortunately the audio quality of the phone call was atrocious and

    4. I must admit they did give me a book I didn’t order it. Fifty Shades of Grey. Talk about pushing soft porn on customers.

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