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LAST UPDATED: March 16th, 2020

Launched in 2012, is a subsidiary of Simply Audiobooks and is an RBmedia company. When the service first began, it offered subscribers unlimited access to its collection of audiobooks. In 2013, the unlimited access plan was canceled although members could continue a monthly credit-based subscription

Even though it has only offered cloud-based audiobooks for a few years, already has a strong customer base with more than 1 million downloads. has a great blog where you can check out new releases every week.

Listings include an image, an excerpt from the book, a description, and star ratings for both the book and the narrator. Popular news outlets that have featured include the following:

  • Macworld
  • Financial Post
  • USA Today
  • Tuaw
  • Cnet
  • Mashable

Each $14.95 monthly subscription comes with one premium credit selection and one free download with VIP Rewards access area of the website or mobile app. VIP rewards refresh on the first day of the month.

Read on for pros and cons, plus reviews from users like you.

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The Good

  • Large Selection
  • User-Friendly App
  • InstaCredit
  • Free Trial
  • Deals
  • Gift Plans

Large Selection has a large selection of popular titles to choose from (over 125,000). This is a sharp increase from the company’s founding when it only had 11,000 books to choose from. While it doesn’t have quite as large of a collection as Audible (at 425,000+), it offers a monthly membership for the same price ($14.95).
Its selection of audiobooks is larger than competing libraries at Nook,, as well as smaller providers like Recorded Books and Audiobooks Now.

User-Friendly App

Apps from are very user friendly. You can stream and download music straight from almost any web browser. You can also use your smartphone (Android or iOS) to listen to books. It's easy to stream or download your books with, so you can listen wherever you go.
Features include cloudmark sync, which allows users to pause and then start where they left-off on another device or browser and intelligent restart, which automatically saves your spot within the app when you re-open without saving a bookmark.

The player app is a little less complicated than the Audible app, especially when browsing through new books to purchase.


Once you have activated the InstaCredit option, you can easily purchase additional book credits for $14.95 through the website or via the app in the Get More section.

Additionally, a la carte purchasing is available for members via the website.

Free Trial

Another great thing about is the free 30-day trial. This allows listeners to see if is for them and if it's something they want to invest in.

Users can cancel any time during the 30-day period, but once the free trial period ends, your subscription automatically begins and your card is billed.


Just like Audible, runs ongoing promotions that are easily accessible under the Deals tab. This includes various two-for-one-credit options.

Gift Plans

There are a few different prepaid gift plans available through Audiobooks:

  • 1 month for $14.95
  • 3 months for $44.85
  • 6 months for $79.70
  • 12 months for $149.40

Both the 6 and 12-month gift memberships include a discount. The 6-month membership saves you $10 and the 12-month membership saves you $30. These include a monthly VIP selection as well.


The Bad

  • Subscription Options
  • VIP Rewards
  • Unused Credits

Subscription Options

Unlike other audiobook subscription companies, only offers one type of subscription. You can sign up for one audiobook per month for $14.95. If you want to listen to any books beyond that, you have to buy credits — points that allow you to purchase audiobooks. While we like that you can listen to one audiobook per month for such a low cost, we wish you didn't have to pay full price for any additional books each month. A bulk credit would be helpful.
After your free trial ends, your subscription automatically renews, which means your card will be charged the day after your trial expires without further warning.

VIP Rewards

You get two books each month with your subscription; however, one of them is considered a VIP rewards selection, which has to be chosen from a small selection of 30 titles, changing each month. The VIP section includes popular and best-selling titles from a variety of genres and it changes on the first of the month.

As long as you remain a member, you get a free book every month, but when you discontinue, you don’t get access to these VIP rewards titles anymore.

Unused Credits

Members should note that unused credits will expire three months after they are added.


The Bottom Line has an excellent selection of books to choose from. When you log onto the website, popular authors and books are easily accessible. You can also browse by genre or bestseller lists. We like how easy-to-use and detailed this website is.

In comparison, Audible has 425,000 titles and its $14.95 per month subscription includes three listens: one audiobook and two Audible Originals chosen from a monthly selection of six titles. Neither audiobooks nor Originals disappear after you discontinue your subscription. The $14.95 subscription includes two listens: one audiobook and one VIP rewards book chosen from a selection of about 30 books. Your decision comes down to your preference, how picky you are when choosing titles, and how long you plan to subscribe (for access to your VIP books). carries a large collection of books. If you're the type of person who listens to one to two audiobooks per month, we highly recommend using

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

I absolutely love They offer a wide selection of downloadable books at great prices. The online web tools are easy to use and offer all of these titles in an organized way, making it easy to find rare or popular titles. Download speeds are quick too! Can't miss with this website!

1 year ago

star star star star star

Ms. Bedelia Palo Alto, CA

Current member of for six months. Not as wide a selection as audible, but close. Helpful customer service and clear about how it works (no unexpected charges). Really enjoy it.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Anne Marie Milne Layton, UT

I really enjoy the the audio books. It is the best thing ever. I cannot get enough of it. I download books all the time and read and read and read. The price is awesome my daughter has it my son has it. I absolutely love it would recommend it to anybody

3 years ago

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Amanda Snohomish, WA

I signed up for a free trial earlier this month thinking it worked the same way as Amazon where you have access to unlimited books for the month and then at the end of the month it rolls over to $14.95/month for unlimited access to book downloads. But then when I went into my credit card account I saw 7 charges of $14.95 for a total of $105. I was not under the impression that I would be charged for each download and thought it was a $14.95/month membership with unlimited downloads. The app is very deceiving and is not very clear that you will be charged per book and not per month. I would never have downloaded 7 books if I knew I was going to be charged over $100 for them. When I asked customer service for a refund I kept getting the same response and she said "we have absolutely no way of refunding charges once the credits are used on titles, just as a restaurant cannot refund food that has been consumed." A restaurant will refund your money if they receive a complaint because they value their customers and want to continue to keep their customers happy. I am very disappointed in's response as I am sure I am not the only one who has had this issue.

3 years ago

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1. Many of my books that I paid for have disappeared. They closed my account and opened another one just to change my email address. Lost more books. 2. Unfortunately, was the most constantly used word I heard from the service officer and the supervisor ie Unfortunately we can't see any of those books therefore you didn't buy them. Did you get them from another provider? Before this call I didn't know there were other providers. That's unfortunate. 3. Unfortunately the audio quality of the phone call was atrocious and 4. I must admit they did give me a book I didn't order it. Fifty Shades of Grey. Talk about pushing soft porn on customers.

5 years ago

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Annie Chow Tallahassee, FL

Love having access to this especially because I never really have time to sit down and read. Great for on the road or while falling asleep.

1 year ago

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scottso Pine Brook, NJ

Terrible Company and buyer beware. Have tried repeatedly to cancel an unused subscription and they keep charging my card. Now getting the credit card company involved. This company uses tactics worse than gym or tanning salons do when trying to escape from a bad deal. I would strongly advise against ever signing up with this company. You've been warned. Wish I could rate a Zero.

2 years ago

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Kim Hughes

Went to sign up to get a book that showed on their site to download if I did. Signed up and went to try it and it wasn't even there!! Completely conned me into handing my details over for absolutely nothing. They should have made it much clearer that book wasn't there or taken it off their page completely. What an absolute joke. Cancelled my sub immediately.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Gabriela Cintron Tallahassee, FL

I enjoy audiobooks. I use the app while I drive. I love that it has free options as well when it comes to the classics

1 year ago

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Kat Obrien Eugene, OR

This company is dishonest and will misrepresent the books available and services provided. When I inquired about the bait-and-switch, they cancelled my account. They took no accountability and then bombarded me with sales bitches. Horrible company.

4 years ago

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Ian Spalding, LIN

Total con job - says it free but they change your paypal account immediately!!!!! - download was also charged at £10+ so NOT FREE for first 30days - Cancelled having cost me £18 and no books.....

1 year ago

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Nana Asiata Herriman, UT

this app is very easy to use and has a wide variety of books to choose from, but the app can be too expensive at times.

2 years ago


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star star star star star_border

Tom Pleasant Grove, UT

Very good website, easy to use App. Great selection of audio books, but they are expensive. I used the free trial and it is great for trips.

3 years ago

star star star star star_border

Weston Kolste Salt Lake City, UT

These guys are alright! Lots of free audio books which is actually really, really nice!

1 year ago