AudioBook Bay lets users download unabridged versions of their favorite free domain books. They offer books for people of all ages, including children, teens, young adults, and adults. In addition to browsing by age, you can also browse by category - they have 34 genres to choose from. Audiobook Bay also offers category modifiers, popular searches, hot search, search function, related audiobooks, and most popular audiobooks to help users find content.


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The Good

  • Great search feature
  • Displays most popular audiobooks
  • Forum page

AudioBook Bay offers over one thousand books. They have age, categories, category modifiers, popular language, hot search, and most popular tabs to help cut down the search for a book you are interested in. These tabs are incredibly helpful if you are not looking for a specific book, but more of a theme that may be contained inside or a specific genre. The tabs take out the books that you are not interested in and leave the ones that fit the description you are looking for available.

If you do have a specific book, author, or character you are looking for you can simply type it into the search engine and AudioBook Bay will bring up all it has that fits the description for you.

On the right side there is a list of the “Most Popular Audio Books” which displays which audio books are being chosen most often.

One thing that stands out about Audiobook Bay is their forum page. On this page, you can join in a discussion about site announcements, authors, books, bad torrents, requests, and more. It’s a great place for enthusiastic readers to gather together and talk about their favorite (or least favorite) books. It’s also a great place to give your feedback. Users often post about which books they would like to listen to from Audiobook Bay

The Bad

  • Limited selection
  • Have to create an account
  • No mobile app

Some audiobook sites offer much more than one thousand books so AudioBook Bay seems limited in their options. You have to create an account in order to download books. There is no cost, but you do need to give the company information which seems unnecessary since there service is free. There is also no app associated with Audiobook Bay. If you want to put audiobooks on your phone, you’ll need to download them, then copy them to your phone’s music program. This requires a lot more work than just opening and downloading in an app.

Like may sites that offer free content, Audiobook Bay has a lot of ads. These ads make the site look crowded and messy.

The Bottom Line

AudioBook Bay offers audio books free of charge. They have over one thousand books to choose from which is not near the size of other companies, but this is free. You do have to have to create an account to login which is a hassle and seems unnecessary.

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