provides free audiobooks. Many free audiobook websites share content with each other, but all audiobooks you find on have been recorded just for that website. makes it clear that all content in their site is legal, and you have the right to download anything you want. The texts they offer are all public domain, which means their content was all written before 1923. They have popular authors that they feature, as well as popular audiobooks. Other websites looking to use's content on their site are encouraged to do so with a link.


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The Good

  • Free books
  • Books are downloadable
  • No registration

Audio Closet offers audiobooks completely free. They have the legal right to upload the books, as well as you have the right to download them. All the audiobooks have been recorded especially for this website. You can use their recordings for media distribution, free media distribution.

There is no “registration”. You just need to enter your name and email, and you will get a password for all audiobooks archives of this site. Audio Closet is continually adding to their long list of audio books and they ensure that when there are new books that you are notified by email so you are kept in the loop.

The Bad

  • Frequent ads
  • No search engine
  • Limited selection

Because the books that they offer on their website are free their website is covered in advertisements. It is extremely difficult to find books on their site. One accidental click and you are on a completely different website that you do not care at all about. This is especially confusing, because one of the ads we saw at the top of the page talks about “free audio books” and “download audio.” However, this takes you to a different audiobook website.

There is not a search engine within the site to help you find the book you are looking for. It appears that they offer a limited amount of books and in a limited amount of languages (English only). Compared to other free websites, their selection is very sparse. Most of all, we wish the site was naturally easy to use. It just looks cluttered and like no one has updated it in several years.

The Bottom Line

Audio Closet provides free access to the audiobooks they have on their website. However, their website is very difficult to work with and navigate. There are many advertisements and it is extremely hard to search to see if has the book you are searching for. Even if you do manage to browse their selection of audiobooks, you may not find what you’re looking for (because they have very few books).

If you want to listen to free audiobooks, you will probably be better off browsing a different site that offers a larger selection of free content.

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