Webstore could be referred to as the “Garage Sale” of the online world. Members of Webstore can buy and sell almost anything for free. There are no registration fees, listing fees, final value fees, close of auction fees, bidding fees, buying fees, or any hidden fees. They are supported by advertisers and voluntary donations.
Webstore has an affiliate program available to members in case they want to use their extra money to promote their auctions and listings. 

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The Good

  • No fees
  • Listings are easy to set up
  • Proxy bidding

The obvious benefit of using Webstore is the fact that consumers will never have to worry about fees of any kind. They do not have listing fees, registration fees, final value fees, bidding fees, or any hidden fees.

There are "Buy Now" buttons which gives sellers the option to avoid the bidding process and simply buy the product on the spot at the set price.

They accept most all forms of popular payment including PayPal, Money Orders, credit card and debit card.

Listings are easy to set up and customize. If sellers need help with their listing, they have video tutorials that are easy to follow.

They have proxy bidding which bidders love. Bidders are able to set their maximum price limit that they are willing to pay and they automatically keep bidding (without the other buyers knowing their proxy bid) until their maximum price limit is hit.

The Bad

  • USA only
  • Limited photos for listings
  • No resolution center

Webstore is restricted to the USA. There are no international or global listings. Because of this, they have a smaller membership number at only 200,000 current registered users. This is a negative to sellers who would enjoy more traffic.

You have a limited amount of photos allotted to your listing. You cannot purchase or implement extra photos. They also lack a few other listing options that their competitors provide.

If any problems arise between the buyer and the seller, they do not have a resolution center to resolve conflicts. Buyers and sellers have to work it out alone.

The only way to receive answers to any of your questions is through email or by reviewing their FAQ sections. They do not list any phone number or have a live chat option.

The Bottom Line

Although Webstore's site is covered in ads, those ads cover all membership fees. This site is free to use for both bidders and sellers. If you are on a budget and don't mind the smaller membership size, Webstore is a good option for online auctions.

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Debra J Hatton
November 9th, 2016

Over the top prices not all auctions. I can see why there are not many reviews you have to use too many words. I would not waste my time here

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