WeBidz is a small auction site with under 66,000 registered users and a little over 47,000 live auctions. Very little can be said about WeBidz; they lack background and general company information both on their site and through our research.


Rank Chart
Membership Base
Variety of Products
Our Score
> 149 million
> 700 million
200,000 users
> 30 categories
> 100,000
> 35 categories
> 65,900 users
> 46,000

The Good

  • No listing fee
  • Free shipping category
  • PayPal options

There isn’t a listing fee or end of auction fee (final value fee). They only have a small, one-time verification fee of $9.95.

They have a category with “Free Shipping” products only, so consumers who do not want to pay for shipping can look in one place.

They accept PayPal.

The Bad

  • Broken links
  • Complicated fee structure
  • Limited listing capabilities

Their site is filled with broken links; their FAQ leads to a dead end page, their “About Us” leads to a dead end page, their community forum is “Unavailable,” and their “Help” page is also “Unavailable.” For our investigation team to receive answers to any questions, we have to email the provided WeBidz email. Our email has yet to be responded too. They do not have a live chat option either.

Their account options and their appropriate fees are complicated and may confuse some consumers.

Their listing capabilities are at an industry low. They offer very limited selling customizability and listing features.

You cannot search for a seller or a seller’s information.

The Bottom Line

We do not recommend WeBidz for their poor user experience they provide to consumers. When consumers start the auction process, many questions may need to be answered and WeBidz is unable to answer most questions for them. They also have a small membership base; sellers’ listings will not get very much traffic.

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