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uBid Holdings, Inc. officially began its business in 1997. They have over six million registered users and seven thousand certified sellers. They specialize in providing discounted offers of the industry’s best deals on electronics and popular technology devices. They offer both auction style and fixed priced models with “bulk load capabilities.”
To become a seller, you will need to pass a 12 point screening process to become certified. Only certified sellers are allowed to list their items on uBid. There are no listing fees. 

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The Good

  • Large amounts of traffic
  • Customizable listing
  • Time in business

uBid claims that they do not have any selling fees. This may just be the seller verification fee that they are referring too; but if there really are no listing fees at all, this is a major benefit.

They have over a half a million visitors a week and over five million monthly page views. These are great numbers for those looking to list their personal items.

Their marketing team offers many plenty of ways to customize your listing to your desire.

They have over six million registered users and a 15 year brand and market equity.

Buyers can put their trust in uBid listings and sellers; each seller is required to go through a "rigorous" 12 point screening process. There are over seven thousand sellers, resellers, name brand manufacturers and distributors.

The Bad

  • Becoming a seller
  • Do not accept PayPal
  • Transaction fees

To receive complete information and fine print about becoming a seller, you have to register first and go through their screening process. This can be a hassle and shows a slight lack in transparency. They also do not display pricing and costs on listing options.

They do not accept PayPal.

They have a transaction fee for buyers, while most of their competitors do not.

The Bottom Line

uBid seems to have a solid foundation in place for sellers. They have millions of registered users and page views, which is definitely a plus. However, their poor customer relations and lack of transparency are concerning enough to hold off on a recommendation at this time.

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