is an excellent place to shop if you are looking for unique items, collectables, antiques or art. Also, if you are interested in companies who contribute to charity or special causes, this is a great site to do your shopping on. All of their sales are contributed to education, training, and job placement programs for people with disabilities or other issues keeping them from work. On their site, they stated that in 2009, Goodwill helped 1.9 million people train for careers in industries such as bank, IT, health care, and more. You cannot sell items or products on All of their listed items come from Goodwill stores across the nation. is owned and operated by Goodwill Industries.


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The Good

  • Supporting a good cause
  • Large selection of unique items
  • Starting bids are low

By shopping and purchasing items on, you are supporting a good cause. Like previously mentioned, proceeds will help Goodwill’s network to help people overcome barriers to employment.

They have an extremely wide and large selection of products to bid on. Most of the items are rare and unique. Any item you purchase is bound to be one-of-a-kind.

Prices and starting bids tend to be lower than competitors because all items are donated and previously used/owned.

It is completely free to browse their site and bid on any of their items. There is no membership required.

They accept PayPal and most other popular payment options.

The Bad

  • Cannot list personal items
  • Most items are worn and used

You cannot list personal items on their site. So if you are looking to be a seller, this site is not for you. This is a big negative for many.

Most items are expected to worn and used; this may bother some consumers.

The Bottom Line is a great place for consumers to browse rare and unique items and bid for free. They have a wide variety of products and although they may be one-of-a-kind, they still start at a reasonably low bidding price. By supporting, you are supporting Goodwill Industries which is an excellent nonprofit organization. However, they do not allow consumers to personally sell items on their site. If you are looking to sell and auction off your own items, this auction site is not for you.

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