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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2020
Sam’s Club’s auction site is powered by B-Stock Solutions. B-Stock auctions off excess inventory from both major and small retailers across the nation. Some of the bigger retailers they work with are Sam’s Club, Walmart, Destination Maternity, B-Stock Wireless, Danby, Duracell Powermat, Early Upgrade Auctions, HD Supply Liquidation Auctions, Waste Management, Essex B2B Auctions, The Journeys Group, Game Stop, AllTech Wholesale, JASCO, The Home Depot,, Groupon Goods, and more. You cannot list and sell personal items on Sam’s Club’s auction site. All items are excess items from Sam’s Clubs across the nation. 

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The Good

  • Large selection of brands
  • Professional auction maintenance
  • 30 day return policy
Buyers have a great selection of brand new items from Sam's Club. All products will be in their unopened and original packaging. Since their auction site is maintained by B-Stock, a network of online auction professionals, listings will be professionally displayed and all auctions should run smoothly. Most of their auctions start at only $1.00. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. Their auction site is mobile friendly; you can sign up for auction text alerts.

The Bad

  • Cannot list personal items
  • Must be a member to bid
  • No PayPal payment option
You cannot list personal items on their site. So if you are looking to be a seller, this site is not for you. This is a big negative for many. You have to be a Sam's Club member to bid on items on their auction site. Memberships cost either $45 or $100 dollars. You are required to renew annually to keep their membership. They do not offer PayPal as a payment option.

The Bottom Line

Sam's Club's auction site is an easy to use site that is operated by B-Stock. Since their site is maintained by B-Stock, consumers can trust that their bidding experience will be as professional as it gets. If you already have a Sam's Club membership and are interested in solely bidding and not selling products, Sam's Club auction site is a good choice. Most of their items start at a very low bid and all of their items come brand new in their original packaging. But if you are not a Sam's Club member, we do not recommend their auction site due to the fact that you cannot list personal items.
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13 Reviews

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Robert Gonzalez Ocala, FL

I am leaving a review about the Sam's Club auction the good in the bad first all someone stated the auction is fake that is not true. The auction is real the problem is is some people that bid don't do their homework they will pay more for an auction item than they can buy it at the club! If you are villigent you can find some very good deals but if you get some idiot that doesn't know what they're doing bidding against you they'll pay more for an item as I said then you can pay for in the club. Where the nightmare comes in with the auctions is if you have to return something you only have 15 days not 30 as stated somewhere on this site. I rate the auctions is a good thing if your diligent and do your homework. Where the problem comes in with the auctions is if you have a problem with any item that you purchase,returning it is a nightmare!!! The last three times that I've had to return items and the reason that I return so much is I purchase literally hundreds of items for resale and some items will come broke or the boxes tore up. Seems Sam's Club is now Outsourceing their customer service to another country and is very hard to understand the customer service people.When you first call in it takes you through a series of customer service people that keeps transferring you to the auctions Department. stupidest thing I've ever seen once you get an item returned if it's defective they'll pay the freight back and send you a shipping label but then you going to have to follow up because the refund doesn't come back to you automatically they tell you that it will but it doesn't! today I spent almost two hours on the phone speaking to someone I couldn't understand and they were telling me the same thing that I was told 30 days prior. that I was going to get a refund in 3 to 5 days that it was now being processed and I was trying to explain that to them I was told that 30 days prior and I never got my refund and that somebody needed to walk the refund through. The last time I was told that I had to call back a second time after making several calls because the refund wasn't walked through. They claimed that all auction items are not returns or seconds which is not true sometimes I've received items that have been out of the box and repacked by evidently the first purchaser and I'm sure that was just an employee who didn't care and shipped it anyway instead of tagging it and taking it out of rotation. If you don't mind rolling the dice hoping that you don't get something that's defective that you have to return the auctions wonderful but when I get something and UPS or FedEx delivers it and it's defective the boxes tore up or I have a problem with it I cringe. Knowing the process and I'm going to go through is going to be a nightmare! I've tried to reach somebody on the American side to talk to about these problems and have failed. I just can't seem to reach the right person and I never get that call back! So beware Jay G. Ocala Fl.

1 year ago

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Malayah Norcross, GA

Anytime that I need to stock up on something, I go to Sam’s Club. They have incredible deals for the amount of product given. This company also makes delicious food! I can feed my whole family for only $15.

1 year ago

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Jared Holland Logan, UT

I think sam's club is a high quality and incredible value. I wish they had delivery like Walmart plus.

11 months ago

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Wyatt Norman, OK

I purchased a TV and received it 7 days later totally shattered. Took sams 11 days to pick the TV back up to return it after 5 hours on the phone with them because they continually failed to set up a return. Finally received the new tv 3 weeks later and it has no legs or even power cord to the tv. Their service and customer service is terrible. I will never buy something from them again.

2 years ago

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bulent St. Petersburg, FL

i bought so many items at sams auction ,,,expecially diapers for my kids,,,if u know what u r doing they will never fail you

2 years ago

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TRine Queen Creek, AZ

I was so excited to use the Auction site...not anymore. To the point I almost cancelled my membership. The customer service experience was so sub par. I won four items and each time I had to verify by CC information...even though it was already in the website. I find this shady and each time, they said the issue was fixed by them. This will be the last time I use the auction site. Now I will be watching my card for strange purchases.

2 years ago

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Donna Sabata Aurora, NE

I participated in th Sam's Club Auction.What a mistake. I bid on 3 of the same items and found out I could order them thru Sams Club for a lot less. Called the 888 number. Was told by the manager even though I called within minutes of winning I could not stop the transaction. I will never do this again. BEWARE!!!!! I asked the manager if I could stay on the line while she checked and she told me she had to walk across the street and would email me. I havent heard back. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!Shame on you Sam's Club!!!!!!!

5 years ago

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sam buyer Conway, SC

sam's auction is fake. 20x4' pool sales for 195.00 + shipping in august. free shipping in september same pool sale for 400.00.fake fake fake. auto bid set up shipping was 200.00 plus.

2 years ago

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MT Secaucus, NJ

Auction cancel my item due to system maintain.....The closing price lower than they they just canceled....Be ware. Item: Primo® Smart Touch Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser Final price for the last 3: Not more than $126....Market price around $199....They just canceled ... Do not bid on this site..Cheating...too bad

2 years ago

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won an auction for a 2 pack of indigo outdoor cushions....they sent one I complained to customer service.....many times... Now they won't even respond to my emails... I offered a solution...i paid for a second and asked for reimbursement THEY ACTUALLY JUST IGNORE ALL EMAILS FROM ME....NO RESPONSE...THEY JUST ASSUME ILL GO AWAY....

5 years ago

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Collin bowman Ellisville, MS

The products are cheap for how much there is so I can get more for my money and worry about it less

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border Tulsa, OK

The sale is NOT real, as they are progrming their software to auto-bid until the price reaches current market price!! Do NOT waste your time as this is a not a genuine sale

4 years ago

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David Fountain Inn, SC

I want my money back ! Sams club auction sent us what was supposed to be an entertainment center. The box was severely damaged. We said oh well maybe we're lucky and the contents of this box are only slightly damaged. No, the contents of this box are destroyed. So we call sams club auction and they want us to send this junk back. My question is how. The box is pourus, and the so called entertainment center is in 1200 pieces but should only have 50 pieces. Get a life sams club auction this was delivered to my front porch this way. I am not reaponsible, give me my money. Thanks in advance.

5 years ago

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