was started by Chris Fain in 1999. Their headquarters are in Grants Pass, Oregon. They try to be different than other online auction sites by rewarding sellers who are doing well rather than placing fees on each sell. They charge their members a simple flat rate ranging from free to only $96.00 annually. There are no final value or listing fees. They emphasize their belief in strong customer relations and customer service. They want their customer’s to feel valued and important. Customers are allowed to link their auctions to their own website, for free.


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> 30 categories
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The Good

  • No fees
  • Quick Bid
  • Easy to use listing forms

Like previously stated, there are no final values or listing fees. It’s free to link to your website, to have a fixed price auction listing, to auto relist, to have a verified auction, and to have four photo uploads per listing. It is only $0.25 for each additional photo, $1.00 for identical listing, $10.00 for feature auction listing, and $1.00 to End-it-Early.

They have Quick Bid which many consumers enjoy. This is more similar to live bidding. If there are at least two bidders that are still in the auction, then the auction is extended by 1 minute and 15 seconds. This gives bidders the chance to win an item back while at the same time, helping sellers get the maximum amount for their personal items.

Their listing forms are said to be very simple and easy to use. They provide you with easy, time-saving templates for listing multiple items at once.

They accept PayPal and most other payment options.

The Bad

  • Small membership
  • Expensive membership
  • No live chat feature

They have a small membership – only around 100,000 members.

For the $96.00 annual membership (Founding Members), there is a $100.00 one-time set up fee.

Although customer service is something they pride themselves in, they do not have a Live Chat option on their website.

If there are any issues with the purchase, does not step in to help or mediate. Buyers and Sellers have to work out the problems themselves.

The Bottom Line is a great option for those looking into the online auction industry. They charge a cheap and affordable flat rate per month to sellers, instead of loading their members up on fees. They do not have any final value or listing fees, which most of their competitors do. While their membership may be small, they provide advertising options for both on and off the site so members can receive more traffic on their listing.

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