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LAST UPDATED: September 24th, 2021
LiveAuctioneers started in 2002 in New York City. They began as a marketing partnership with eBay and continue their alliance today. In 2009, LiveAuctioneers came out with both and iPhone and Android app with live-bidding capabilities. LiveAuctioneers specializes in unique international finds like art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles. They host thousands of auctions in real time through the Internet. The move to enable auction houses worldwide to online with their live sales revolutionized the auction industry forever. 

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The Good

  • Large amount of traffic
  • Live auction format
  • Mobile app available
LiveAuctioneers has over four million users and over 73 million page views. They have objects up for bid in 47 countries and currently have bidders in 181 countries. This is a huge audience which is great for both sellers and bidders. Their live auction format is rarely done in the industry. It is beneficial because the auctions are much quicker. With live auctions, they report a 25% increase in sales, an average of 15,000-18,000 visits each auction, and an average of 150 new registered bidders each auction. Sellers have claimed that their online sales are stronger and the result is overall better. This is due to prices being higher because there is a lot of bidding activity and less unsold items. They broadcast their auctions. Once you sign up to their services, an editor will interview you about your items and request images with captions. You can look over your press release before its release to make sure you are satisfied. Once approved, your release will be distributed to their "highly effective media list." Your auction release will also be broadcasted on web posters that are displayed on related art and news sites. LiveAuctioneers is in an alliance with eBay. eBay is an online auction powerhouse. They are mobile friendly with both an iPhone and Android app. The apps allow anonymous live-bidding from anywhere.

The Bad

  • More expensive than competitors
Prices per auction are probably the steepest in the industry - for both bidding and selling. LiveAuctioneers is pricey because they supposedly sell valuable collectibles from all over the world. But if they cannot guarantee authenticity of each item auctioned, it will make it hard for bidders to discern what is legitimate and what is a replica or fake.

The Bottom Line

If you have the money to spend and enjoy collecting valuable art and antiques from all over the world, this is the site to visit. If you have collectibles and art that you personally want to sell at a price, LiveAuctioneers may be the way to do it. However, with the extremely high pricing and appropriate customer complaints, we cannot recommend them at this time.
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Charles Simmers Tampa, FL

On Saturday 5/8/21, I bid on a 10th century stone carving. It was on my late father's birthday, and I had sold some of my inheritance stock to buy it, in his honor. I had 5k credit, and a $1700. max bid, that I was prepared to increase, even if it hit 5k. To my horror, the bid button stopped working about a minute before the end of auction. I tried everything to get it to work again. The piece sold for 1800., and I felt physically ill, and almost passed out. I was cheated out of a once in a lifetime purchase, I was prepared to pay any amount of money for. BEWARE! Something isn't right with Liveauctioneers. Avoid this auction house.

1 year ago

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Dan Stewartsville, NJ

horrific experience using LiveAuctioneers. It was cyber bullied by one of the auction houses- they took my info from the site and stalked me to my workplace, and left negative comments about me, published my private information, and when I reported it to LiveAuctioneers instead of helping me they deleted my account to cover it up. I spent thousands of $ on this website in the past with no problems, and all of a sudden they just shoved me aside and didn't care. And the abusive creep who caused all of this is still vending on their website. He sent me creepy emails gloating over it.

2 years ago

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Luca Philadelphia, PA

Selling fake art, not a serious site. Money grabbers

8 months ago