ePier is headed by CEO James Kim and is located in Spokane, Washington. Their strategy is “you don’t pay, if you don’t sell.” If you make a successful sale, you will pay a small final value fee that will be contributed to accumulating and bringing more buyers to the site. They are currently looking for more investors. They need investments of over $25,000 in which all will be primarily used to bring more buyers and sellers to ePier. They are valued at $2 million for the first 1-3 investors. If you are interested, call 1-509-869-3989 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST.


Rank Chart
Membership Base
Variety of Products
Our Score
> 149 million
> 700 million
200,000 users
> 30 categories
> 100,000
> 35 categories
> 30 categories

The Good

  • No listing fee
  • Unlimited photo upload
  • Free stuff category

There are no listing fees and insertion fees. They also claim that there isn’t a final value fee. You do not have to submit any payment information upon joining their site.

They offer image hosting on ePier for free. Sellers can upload an unlimited amount of photos for no extra cost.

They do Reserve Price Auctions, Dutch Auctions, and Private Auctions.

They accept PayPal.

A couple of their categories are unique. They have a “Free Stuff” category where they are basically just giving away free items (only 9 items right now). They also have a category labeled “Jobs”. However, there are no “Jobs” available at this time.

The Bad

  • Confusing fee structure
  • No company information
  • No credit cards accepted

Their final value fee information is mixed and confusing. Throughout the site, they state that there is no final value fee. But, there are places where they also state that when you sell, there is a “modest final value fee.” This shows a lack of transparency.

We could not find a lot of background information on this company. The lack of information about the company background is slightly concerning.

They do not accept credit card at this time.

They have a very small selection of products and active auctions currently. This could be could for sellers because there is less competition, but bad for browsers and the site overall.

They have a very small membership base (around 200,000) and a small amount of traffic. However, it looks like they are working on ways to boost those numbers.

The Bottom Line

ePier is a smaller auction site which can benefit sellers by giving them more individualized attention on each listing. Their site isn’t as saturated as more of the popular auction sites are. It costs very little to have a listing on their site, but you may not get a lot of traffic. We suggest checking out some of our other top recommend auction sites for better options.

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