eBay is owned by eBay Inc., who also owns PayPal and eBay Enterprise. eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces where customers can buy and sell almost anything; you could call them a powerhouse in the online auction industry. They were founded almost 20 years ago and have over 149 million active buyers all across the globe. Currently, they have over 700 million products listed on their site.

The Good

Being the largest online auction site on the web, you have a much higher chance of selling your items and products at a competitive price. This is a huge advantage if you are a seller. If you are a buyer, there is an extraordinarily wide range of products to look through. Whatever you are looking for, eBay most likely has it.

They have been in business for nearly two decades. This is plenty of time to gain enough experience to know what consumers are looking for in an online auction site. And while that has been a long enough time to gain a good amount of customer complaints, they have made the time to respond and resolve each and every one of them.

They offer several different payment options. While PayPal falls under eBay Inc., they will definitely know how to resolve any issues while using PayPal.

Their listing options and selling features can’t be beat. Consumers basically have the ability to market their products any way they want at the appropriate price.

The Bad

Their fees are higher than the majority of their competitors. The fee structure could also be confusing to some consumers. Consumers will need to make sure they read and understand it completely before signing into anything.

They have strict restrictions on some payment options. They do not allow bank wire transfers, money orders, or checks.

The Bottom Line

With eBay being the largest auction site on the web, there isn’t another auction website out there better for consumers wanting to list their personal items. Although the fees may be a little steep, consumers will definitely have a more likely chance at getting their items sold and at a competitive price.

eBay is also an excellent marketplace for buyers too. Surely, with over 700 million products listed, you can find about anything on their site. We recommend eBay as your go-to auction site.


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