Originally known as Home Run Auctions/Auctionblocks.net, they specialized in auctioning off sports cards and memorabilia. They were able to gain enough of a following that they grew their auction options and changed their name to Auction Fire in 2002. Their headquarters are currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
There are no listing fees, auction fees, bidding fees or monthly fees. They only require a one-time donation of $3.00 in order to verify your identity. This is the only fee that you are required to pay with Auction Fire. They show their appreciation for that small fee by giving their members free auction ebooks to help their members become successful on their site. 

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The Good

  • No listing fees
  • Listings stay active 30 days
  • PayPal is an accepted payment option

They do not have any listing fees, auction fees, bidding fees, monthly fees, or final value fees. Sellers can keep all of their profit. Their verification fee is a small, one-time payment of $3.00. This makes their service one of the most affordable in the industry.

They allow auctions to stay active for 30 days at time with an automatic re-list capability. Members are also allowed to link their auction ads to their own websites.

They accept PayPal as a payment option.

The Bad

  • Small membership
  • Annual fee
  • No resolution center

Auction Fire has a very small membership base; they only have just over 22,500 registered users.

Their yearly fee (this fee is only applicable if you choose to use "Seller's Ad-Vantage") to customize your listing is kind of steep compared to their competitors. And even with the special package, their listing options are small and limited.

If you want to import any feedback from your other marketplaces, it costs extra and they do not disclose the price until you register.

If there are any conflicts between a buyer and a seller, they do not resolve or help in any way. The buyer and seller will need to come to a resolution themselves.

The only way to get ahold of customer support is through email. If you have any immediate or urgent questions, you cannot call. They also do not have a live chat option.

The Bottom Line

With a small membership base and limited customization capabilities, Auction Fire isn't the best option for selling your personal items. However, the only fee they require of you is a small, one-time $3.00 verification fee. Furthermore, sellers will get to keep all of their profit and registering with their site is basically risk free.

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