Posted: |July 7th, 2017

Online Auctions

How to Increase Your Sales on an Online Auction


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You're looking to make a few extra bucks but nothing you try to sell on an online auction receives any bids. This can be frustrating but there are a few ways you can increase the likelihood of selling your items on an online auction.

Modify Your Listing

Sometimes a simple description of the item you are selling is not enough. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so go ahead and upload a few more pictures of your item if you can. When consumers shop online it is easier for them to click on a few pictures than to read a description.

Be Accommodating with Payment Options

The more payment options you have available to buyers the more likely you are to sell your item. E-commerce is becoming more and more flexible when it comes to payment options. Some options work better than others but it is always good to have a variety of payment options available to your customers.

Sell on Sites with a Bunch of Users

Check the membership or number of items up for auction on specific sites. Sites that sell a high volume of items or that have a lot of members are where you want to be. However, a site with less traffic that specializes in a product you want to sell may also be something you want to look at.

Study What Items are Trending

The online market is saturated with all kinds of products. EBay alone has over 700 million items listed. If you want to find something the chances are very good that you will find it online. However, not everyone is looking for what you are selling. Lots of items go unnoticed because nobody needs or wants them.


Find out which items are trending at the online auction you would like to use and then sell one of those items. Fighting against customer preferences is a losing battle. The customer is always right and if they do not want the item you are selling no amount of description, discount in price, or ease of payment is going to entice them to buy something they don't want or need.


There are a lot of different tools you can use to find out which items are trending on an online auction. Popular online auctions make sure to display items that are trending. Trends change depending on the season and Business Insider even created an info graphic that shows how even geography affects what people buy. You may have to do a little research to discover what is trending and what is not but it is worth it to make sure you are selling something consumers want.

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